7 Life Hacks for Parents That’ll Make Your Life With Kids Easier

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On average, new parents will only get 4 hours and 44 minutes of sleep at night.

Although as children grow up parents get a bit more sleep, the day to day activities can be quite challenging.

If you want to breeze through parenthood, you need to learn how to cut corners.

Read on to learn about these life hacks for parents.

1. Use the Dot Method

Having a child already adds a lot of laundry to the pile, but having more than one really adds some more.

If you have two or more children around the same age, it’s always difficult to tell their clothing apart.

To separate the clothing, mark the tag using the dot method. Use one dot for the first child and two dots for the second child.

This will make putting laundry away a breeze.

2. Cleaning Routine

On top of having to clean, cook, laundry, and dishes, you still have to check your kids’ school homework.

If you want to take the load off yourself, you should share the cleaning routine with your children. Make them a part of the cleaning routine every day.

You can start small such as making their beds in the morning, putting their dishes in the dishwasher, and keeping their rooms tidy.

3. Fruits and Vegetables for Breakfast

When you have so many things on your mind, you don’t want to forget to take care of your family nutrition.

To ensure your children get all of the fruits their body needs, start by incorporating them into breakfast every morning.

It’s easy to incorporate fruits into their breakfast, but veggies present more of a challenge. Try giving them vegetable juice instead of orange juice.

4. Prepare Lunches the Night Before

The last thing any busy parent wants is to get everyone ready in the morning and still prepare lunches for the entire family.

Preparing and packing everyone’s lunch the night before will simplify your life.

5. Inflatable Pool

Although playpens are great when you have babies or toddlers, they don’t offer a lot of space or they can outgrow them quickly.

If you want to keep your children entertained while you get things done around the house, you can use an inflatable pool.

They will be able to move around the pool and play with their toys.

6. Don’t Get Locked out

Sometimes children get locked in rooms and it’s not fun for parents to try to get them out.

To prevent this issue from happening, place a thick rubber band around the lock and loop them around and handles to hold them in place.

7. Teach Them to Set Their Alarms

With so many things on your mind as a parent, oftentimes you might forget to set your alarm. The last thing any parent wants is to oversleep, especially when the kids are of school age.

To simplify your life and teach your children to be accountable, teach them to set their alarms.

Best Life Hacks for Parents

Now that you know about some of these life hacks for parents, you can simplify your life and spend more quality time with your kids.

Teach them to set their alarms, establish a cleaning routine, and prepare lunch the day before.

If you enjoyed these tips and would like to see what else we have to offer, check out the rest of our blog.

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