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A Comprehensive SEO Guide to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Find More Leads and Make Better Connections


LinkedIn, unfortunately, has a tainted reputation for being a platform for the likes of CEOs and high-end entrepreneurs. Most people looking for jobs would instead use other job-seeking platforms for better leads and connections.

For most of us, LinkedIn does not come handy, and that is mainly because we do not know how to use it or optimize our profile. Thus, instead, we end up misunderstanding this brilliant platform and start smearing its reputation with our half-baked knowledge.

Most business owners and job seekers write a bit about themselves on their LinkedIn profiles, upload their resumes and end up thinking that someone would want to hire them.

However, LinkedIn not just your resume. Washingtons Blog says that it is a powerful search engine that when used optimally, can drive substantial traffic to your profile and generate leads. That said, in an attempt to clear the name, we have an article for you that shall take you through the steps of appropriately optimizing your profile and make better connections that shall help you land a better job or grow your business.

Therefore, let us now stop sleeping on LinkedIn and tap into its potential to further our career.

Start Treating LinkedIn as More than Just a Resume:

It is time to break your habit of treating LinkedIn as a resume.

Understand that your LinkedIn profile is not your resume. It is a search engine that needs to be optimized so that it can draw traffic to itself. Therefore, the minute you start using LinkedIn as more than just a resume, you shall be able to make connections and draw the attention of the right clients directly to your profile.

You must pay attention to your profile optimization, SEO, content posting and engagement on your LinkedIn profile to tap into the power of this platform.

Having said that, let us now look into these metrics separately and try to boost the SEO of our LinkedIn profiles.

Pay Attention to Your Profile Aesthetics

Things that look good and organized draw attention, right?

The same holds good for your LinkedIn profile as well. Now you might be thinking that a professional platform like that of LinkedIn has only so many ways to be deal with aesthetics. You have the options of getting creative with your profile headline, summary and experience. But this is not Facebook, and you might feel like you cannot do much about your profile photo and cover photo.

However, let us begin by dispelling this myth.

You can always add a profile and cover photo to your profile that speaks galore about your profession and what you are interested in. For instance, if you are a writer who is looking for writing jobs, you might do well to add something that is directly associated with the process of writing.

This way, you can brand yourself. Pictures tell a thousand stories, and you must definitely make use of them for your LinkedIn profile.

Write an Unrivalled Profile Copy

There are several sections on your LinkedIn profile that you can explore and go creative with. You can experiment with the headlines, summary and experience sections.

Only because LinkedIn is a professional platform, it does not mean that you cannot add some creativity or think out-of-the-box.

You must remember that words have a power of their own, and when used correctly, they can aid in furthering your career. Therefore, try to make your headlines and summary interesting and appealing. Add some pizzazz to it think carefully about the people you are trying to attract with your profile.

Choose words carefully and use them to your benefit.

Deploy LinkedIn SEO

Another important thing that you must do without fail is to implement LinkedIn SEO to drive more traffic to your profile. Do your keyword research and use them while writing your profile copy.

One way to ideally optimize your LinkedIn profile is by using SEO keywords as well as LinkedIn keywords. You need to strike a balance between these two sets of keywords, more about which you can read here so that you can rank higher on Google’s search results.

There are several free tools available on the market that you can use to find the right keywords for your profile.

The headline, summary, experience, recommendations and skills sections of your profile are some areas where you can use your keywords. SEO is all about getting the keywords right. Therefore, make sure that you have the right keywords for your profile.

Do Not Forget to Create a Profile Funnel

The final thing that you must do for your LinkedIn profile is create a profile funnel. Simply put, your goal must be to transform your profile into a funnel so that you can get new leads. While most people wait for businesses and clients to contact them directly in their inbox, we shall do things a bit differently.

Pay attention to each of the section of your profile. You must be able to grab people’s attention with each of the sections of your profile.

From your cover photo to the Media section on your profile, you must be able to walk people through your LinkedIn account funnel and divulge as much information as possible. This will eventually land them in your inbox.

Wrapping Up:

There are several ways to turn your LinkedIn profile into a hotspot for lead generation.

The tips that we have mentioned in the article should be enough to get you the required engagement and boost your profile. Therefore, transform your LinkedIn profile into more than just a resume, and reap some long-term benefits out of the same.

Jeff Campbell