The Ultimate List of Things to Put in a Gift Basket for the Middle Class Mom


Mothers day seems to creep up on everyone and suddenly you’re scrambling to put together a gift basket for your wife or mom. In the end, you might end up just getting chocolates and flowers every year, leading to another disappointment. So how can you spruce things up and make a gift basket that really stands out?

Here is your ultimate list of things to put in a gift basket for your middle-class mom.

1. Kits and Activities To Do Together

One of the best gift basket ideas you can do is to put together a bunch of activities and kits that you two can do together. This is appealing for both moms and wives, as it creates a bonding experience as well as presenting a gift.

These kits and activities can include candle making, cooking, baking, and even woodworking. The goal is to try something new and create memorable experiences with each other.

2. Flowers and Plants

Even if flowers are your go-to every year, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a bad option for cute gift basket ideas. Flowers are a great way to spruce up a package but don’t start there.

If your significant other or mom has a garden, consider getting them plants and flowers that they can add to that garden. It creates a longer-lasting gift that can keep on giving.

If you’re giving flowers to your mom or wife this year, be sure to check out the link.

3. The “Spoil Her” Packages

One of the most popular and best gifts for mom are the packages that spoil her. This can be interpreted as whatever she likes. Whether that be a nice spa day or a night out at her favorite restaurant.

Every mom and wife is different, so don’t just take the above two and think that is it. Ask her what she likes to do or what she would enjoy, as it would mean more to her that way.

4. Clothing and Accessories

Another gift that can keep on giving is the gift of clothing and accessories. If your wife or mom has a wishlist or an item that they constantly mention, see to it that it ends up in the gift basket.

Not only will she be happy that you bought it for her, but every time she wears that item she’ll think of you. Rather than getting it herself, she can now like an item for two reasons.

Use This List of Things To Put In a Gift Basket to Win Some Brownie Points

By using these tips for a list of things to put in a gift basket, you’re going to nail gift baskets for every occasion. Whether that be a holiday or a special moment in your mom or wife’s life. Just be sure to get her what she likes, rather than what the article recommends.

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