Why Location Plays A Big Role In the Cost of a House

The location of your home may be the single most important factor that could influence the cost. A mortgage estimator could help you figure out the cost of your home based on many factors, one of which being location. When it comes to the location of your home, you don’t want to choose an area that doesn’t suit your needs… so here are some tips that will help you understand why location plays a big role in cost.

Safe Neighborhood

A safe neighborhood can go a long way when searching for that perfect place to call home.

If you have children, there is no reason to have them grow up in a struggling neighborhood that could put you and your family at risk of certain criminal activities. Keeping your family safe should be your number one priority, so choosing a great neighborhood should be your best move.

A good neighborhood will come with some downsides, one of which being that it is quite a bit more expensive when searching for a home within that neighborhood.

This is because it is safe, and safety comes with a cost… but staying safe, rather than being sorry typically justifies the cost. The nicer and safer the neighborhood will also offer many other benefits, like good education. The perks are there, but does this justify the price for you? That’s one question that only you can answer.


Looking out your window may provide you with the most beautiful view over a valley that you could see for miles. This scenario will cost you some extra money, especially over that home that is blocked by other houses and doesn’t have that same view.

The area around your home will dictate the price greatly in any situation.

For example, if you go to Beverly Hills, CA, you will notice that the pricing for houses is way too much for the average American… but if you go to a small suburb in Pennsylvania, then that won’t be the case. It all comes down to the views and surrounding area that will decide much of the cost of your home.

Many people don’t want a home that provides no additives outside of the home, which can help you save money or spend a bunch more on that home with a great view.


The weather in your surrounding area could also impact the cost of your home. You don’t want to pick a home that could be wiped by a tornado or hurricane tomorrow.

Your home is an oasis, so finding the right home in the right location could make a world of a difference. Keeping you and your family safe from surrounding natural events may be your number one concern, especially if you have to live in an area with such events.

Finding a home that is well structured and designed to prevent many natural events will typically cost you some extra money. It’s the cost of being safe and when it comes to keeping your home safe from the elements, you want to get that house with some extra features.

Some areas don’t have such problems and housing may be expensive because of that as well.

Your location where you live is a huge decision factor that will determine a lot of the cost of your home. Never rush anything, and think about where you want to live a little bit more before deciding to grab the home that goes up on the market first.

Jeff Campbell

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