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Why You Need To Look After Your Feet

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Our feet work hard for us every day. Whether we walk, cycle, or drive to our workplace, all of these require us to put our feet to work. Did you know that by the time you are fifty you will have, on average, walked 75,000 miles?  That is a lot of wear and tear. However, when we think about caring for our bodies, our feet can often become overlooked. Foot care is an essential part of maintaining our body. If we neglect our feet, this can cause problems throughout the rest of our body.

Here are a few reasons why we need to take a little time to care for our feet in the future. 

Ingrown Toenails

According to the National Foot Health Assessment, almost one in five of all US adults have experienced an ingrown toenail.

This is when a nail grows into the toe and can cause redness, swelling, pain, and, in bad cases, can become infected. It may even cause you to feel hot and shivery.

Trimming your toenails straight across and keeping them at a moderate length are very simple preventative measures that the Mayo Clinic recommends to stop an ingrown toenail from forming. 

Help alleviate milder pain symptoms. You can find great orthotic insoles with Docpods.

Diabetes Sufferers

According to the World Health Organisation, over 422 million people across the world suffered from diabetes in 2014, and the numbers have been steadily rising over time.

If you want an expert opinion, then look at this article on Why Foot Care Is Essential For Diabetics. If you do not manage your diabetes this can result in a condition known as peripheral neuropathy that can cause nerve damage.

Nerve damage means you will not feel heat, cold, or pain in your feet, making it harder to detect infection.

Diabetes can develop at any point in your life, so a well established regular foot care regime, can prevent any feet related issues if diabetes symptoms do develop. 

Back Pain 

If you have a foot deformity you can subconsciously alter your walking to manage the pain.

An altered gait can have a ripple effect through your body causing trouble with your spine. Flat-footed individuals often report back pain as the first symptom they may notice.

The best way to treat this is to purchase shoes or insoles that will support your feet and help you readjust your gait. If the lower back pain is particularly painful then seek medical advice. Gentle stretches and exercises may also help alleviate milder pain symptoms. 

Remember that feet are susceptible to fungal infections, blisters, bunions, and corns that can develop at any point.

You should inspect your feet regularly for early signs and, if your feet do feel sore or itchy you should seek medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist. Most foot problems can be easily solved and are preventable with regular washing and foot care.

Giving your foot a rub or massage after a long day may also help you relax.

Our feet muscles are working hard most days, so giving them a warm soak or massage can help relieve tension throughout your body. 

Jeff Campbell