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Traveling to another country? Oh…what will I eat there? Umm…maybe I should add a couple of more local cuisines in my bucket list. Oops! I left one cuisine, scribble it…

We all know that traveling is all about experiencing new cultures, exploring new places and food! Yes, traveling can turn even non-foodies into food maniacs because who wouldn’t mind tickling their taste buds with the cuisine of a different country?

So, our traveling to-do-list always has names of cuisines we want to try and restaurants we want to visit. Good!

But what isn’t good is that traveling always destroys our days of effort to stay fit and smart because we eat without keeping a check on what we are eating and how many calories we are consuming? The result is we come back to zero and have to spend more effort on workout once we come back from our trip. And nobody wants that!

So, if you are kicking on a trip, here are given tips to eating low carb food so that your fitness plans are not ruined by gaining kilos:

Fill Your Tummy Before Visiting Restaurants:

Low carb or low carbohydrate food includes eggs, green veggies, nuts and seeds, fish, fruits like strawberries and apples. Eat an adequate quantity of such low carb food before you visit your bucket-list restaurant. This way, you will already be satisfied and nourished and not fill your plate with high-crab food.

See? We are not asking to try a new cuisine, but don’t fill your stomach till the last inch with it. Eating a half-boiled egg, nuts, and Greek yogurt before departing will satisfy your appetite to a large extent, and you will not crave for the food as you would have with an empty stomach.

Say ‘No’ to Creamy Coffees:

We love our caffeine kicks, and we can’t miss them out even while traveling. But your coffee doesn’t need to be always filled to the top with high carb cream.

Cut on your creamy coffee, and switch to low carb cream. Here are low carb creamers reviewed on healthnerdy.com, check them out and pick your fighter for fit and smart traveling experience.

Carry Along Snacks:

Keep your favorite low-carb snacks with yourself wherever you go.

It’s better to carry them along before departing as it will save your money for some extra shopping abroad and you will also have something your taste buds can rely on.

Like, pack nuts, roasted grains, whole wheat biscuits, nut bars, etc. This way, you don’t have to fall for street aligned high-carb food restaurants whenever you feel hungry while roaming in the city and exploring different sites. You will have quick tummy fillers with you, and they will not add calories as well.

See? It isn’t that difficult to return from your traveling adventure, smart and fit. Sticking to some habits and a bit of pre-planning can do the trick!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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