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Tips for Maintaining Your Home Brewing Equipment

You can customize home brewing equipment to your specialized needs. Once you make that investment, you want to take care of it to preserve its useful life. Here are a few tips for safeguarding your home brewing equipment to stay in premium shape for years while producing a top-shelf brew on every run.

Tip 1: Clean Your Equipment

Cleaning is one of the easiest ways to keep your equipment in good shape. You can wash your gear by hand or use a dishwasher to make it easier. Clean each piece after you use it, and never store dirty home brewing parts. Additionally, you might need to do a more thorough cleaning if there is a lot of residue on the surface of the container. 

Never use toxic cleaners or abrasive sponges when washing any material that will go in your mouth later, such as the plastic or stainless steel mash tun. Not only can it ruin your next batch, but corrosive cleaners can destroy your setup. You’ve spent money and time learning a craft. You don’t want to buy all new homebrewing gear.

Tip 2: Keep Your Equipment Dry

Your equipment needs to be free of water to prevent rust and corrosion. If you plan to put it away without using it for more than a few weeks, empty any remaining water and dry it entirely first. One way to make sure that the inside of your equipment stays dry is by using a desiccant, or drying agent, such as calcium sulfate for smaller items.

Tip 3: Store Your Equipment Properly

Properly storing your home brewing equipment will help prevent warping and lengthen its life. Do not store anything in an environment where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures. Also, do not store anything on top of or underneath other items that could cause damage. You might want to keep the equipment in a storage box, bag or some kind of container to prevent dust from getting on it.

Tip 4: Purchase Quality Equipment

There is no point in scrimping by buying cheap equipment when you can go ahead and buy good quality for a better price. This tip goes along with the first one about taking care of your equipment correctly by making sure it’s clean and dry. It also means to take your time looking through homebrew supplies so that you only purchase the items that are needed rather than buying whatever catches your interest.

If possible, avoid all-in-one products. These might cost more in the end, but they’re easier to clean. You won’t have to worry about leftover smells or tastes ruining your current batch.

These four simple tips will ensure that your homebrewing equipment is taken care of so that you do not have to replace it from wear and tear anytime soon. Follow these tips and expect your equipment to last a long time. For help finding the right gear for all your homebrewing needs, check out our supplies at Keg That! 

Jeff Campbell