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How to Make Sure You Have Time for Each Other in a Hectic Everyday Life

Making time for one another is extremely important in a relationship and it is equally important that both parties feel seen, loved and heard. Although it might be hard to set aside time for each other every week, it is extremely important in order to take care of the relationship.

Whether you spend a night together to watch a movie, discuss NFL predictions or just cuddle on the couch it is important that you have time to talk about everything that happened throughout the week and that you both get the opportunity to listen in and tell.

Remember to be romantic

Although it is nice to lay on the couch together or eat lunch, it is important to remember the romance in the relationship as well. Try to schedule a date night for example once a month to keep the sparks. Maybe you can plan every other month so that you can surprise the other one with a romantic dinner, a sunset night or maybe night out. Find something that you both enjoy and make sure you keep prioritizing the date night when you plan it.


Another great tip is obviously planning. Although it sounds obvious, it is very important. It will make your everyday life easier if you plan your days together so that you can spend as much time together as possible. It is of course important to make sure you have time for your friends, your me-time at BetUs or whatever else you appreciate, but try to plan your days together so that it all becomes a bit easier. You will quickly realize that it is much easier to find time together if you plan your days together.

Prioritize each other

As mentioned, it is important to have me-times, it is important to have time to see other friends and family members, but it is equally important to prioritize your partner. Maybe you could drop that football match or that lunch, just to have some extra time with your partner. Make sure you make room for each other and that you both feel like you prioritize each other equally. Plan date nights, treasure the everyday moments and enjoy the time you are spending together. Some weeks might be busier than others, but that is also okay – as long as you prioritize each other afterwards.


Jeff Campbell