How To Make Your Super Bowl Party Enjoyable For Everyone!

So Super Bowl LV is set, with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs taking on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the game should be great, many of us may be watching at home or with fewer people than usual. For those lucky enough to host a party, you should host it as well as possible – for all of us not taking on Super Bowl hosting duties this year.

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Bet With Your Friends

No event in North America garners more betting action than the Super Bowl.

From the insane props to traditional action, everything on the game is up for betting. Make sure you and your friends are signed up with a reputable site before the game. If you have not signed up yet, many of the best sports betting websites offer new users amazing promotions on the Big Game.

Provide Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan Options

Listen, we know the top food choice for the Super Bowl is chicken wings. However, not everyone eats wings – or at least do not eat wings with breading. That is why it is vital to provide some gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options – and some more exciting options than celery and carrots with dip.

There are some great options out there that will have your guests enjoying themselves while they fill up on food. Cauliflower bites (great with a buffalo or Korean BBQ sauce), mushroom tacos, beer-battered onion rings, and sweet potato fried are all fun options.

Add Some Regional Flare

Tampa Bay is playing Kansas City in the Super Bowl – so why not add some regional favorites to your Super Bowl menu. Kansas City is well known for BBQ, while Tampa Bay’s best cuisine focuses on seafood. Sticky bone ribs and shrimp cocktails are two options to add to your menu on Sunday night.

Support Small Business

The Super Bowl is a massive event for takeout.

Cooking some of the foods people love to eat during the Big Game – specific chicken wings – is not easy to do at home (it is messy, requires a deep fryer and lots of oil, or it takes up a lot of space in the oven). Instead, you should order a platter of wings from your favorite restaurant. Many restaurants are struggling and will really appreciate your business.

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Add Some Fun For People Not Interested In the Game

Let’s be honest. We know some of the people that attend our Super Bowl parties could not care less about the game. They are here to socialize, eat some food, and likely watch the half-time show.

We all know these people – and likely like them enough we want them there even if they do not care about football. We also know we do not want to spend four hours going over the nuances of each team and explaining the complicated rules of the game. To avoid this, provide some activities for your non-football fan friends.

Games, a room for socializing, whatever it may be it will make your Super Bowl party better for everyone.

Stock the Bar

A good host should have a cornucopia of options for their guests to enjoy.

Lite beer, coolers, vodka, wine, whatever people want to drink. They should also have non-alcoholic options for drivers and minors as well as for people to mix with liquors. Personally, I enjoy lite beer during football games – as it allows me to pace myself and enjoy the full game.

Put a TV in the Bathroom

This one is a bit silly but always a hit. If you have an extra screen – could be a TV, computer, or laptop – why not set it up in the bathroom. Now you and your guests can go to the washroom without missing a minute of the action.

Make Sure No One Drinks and Drives

Since it is a Sunday night, most people will want to get home after the game and get ready for the week ahead.

When your guests leave, make sure they are sober or have a DD to bring them home. Nothing will ruin a party more than your friends getting into accidents, arrested, or both.


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