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Making Edibles with Cannabis – Best Strains which can drive you crazy!

Cannabis edibles are one of the unique product lines ever to take over the business. Making edibles at home is one of the most popular ways to use cannabis these days.

Unlike smoking and dabbing, you can experiment with the taste and effects of your favorite strains when you make edibles. If you want to keep your canna love a secret, cannabis edible is your savior.

Although edibles don’t kick in as fast as other forms of consumption, it allows long-lasting relief for patients suffering from chronic pain. It is also one of the most exciting ways to experience an intense high if you’re a recreational user.

Picking the right strain is the key to getting what you want from edibles. When you check out online dispensaries like Moon Rocks, you will find many variants so you have to choose which do you prefer.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, having the positive effects of its Haze genetics and the taste of lemon skunk.

As you might have guessed, it contains a rich and vibrant lemon flavor profile with an ocean of tangy flavors.

This strain stimulates you with energy and a feeling of the inevitable need to work in much the same way that the lemon blasts throughout your senses. For people wanting to sit back, unwind, and chill out, this strain has something that won’t let you sit still.


Skywalker is a well-known strain not only for having its connection to Star Wars but also for helping you sink into amnesia only an hour after using it.

Using this strain in edibles produces a rich and fruity flavoring profile that goes well with spices. Skywalker is mostly used in many baked dishes like blueberry muffins. The blueberry flavor of this strain makes it an ideal option to go with anything.

After making edibles with Skywalker, make sure you only eat one at a time to avoid overdosing. Otherwise, you might find yourself slipping so deeply into dreaming that you lose the whole day, all without a clue.

Royal Cookies

Just like its name hints, Royal Cookies is an ideal ingredient for bakers who want to drive themselves into the universe at unbelievable speed. Adding the Royal Cookies into your batch of feasts will help you feel the same way with a powerful cerebral high.

This strain also forms a perfect balance between mind and body, something that every edibles fan craves.

As the strain contains a high THC concentration (23%), it’s suitable for experienced users only. Moreover, after consuming ‘Royal Cookies,’ you should go slow and steady.

Durban Poison

Don’t go by its name! Durban Poison is one of the most popular strains to make edibles with. Cannabis enthusiasts call this strain the “espresso of strains.”

When you use this strain as an ingredient in baked items or drinks, it excites the mind and body, just the same way a strong coffee does.

The uplifting effect of Durban Poison explains why its edibles are used to control depression, ADHD, and other mood-related disorders. But, you should go slow on this weed strain. Otherwise, it might leave you paranoid.

White Widow

There’s no way you forget White Widow when you talk about cannabis edibles. This strain not only makes your drinks and snacks more delicious but also produces a much “heavier” high.

With its unique pungent, almost tart like flavor, it leaves you desperately craving for more. However, it is the effects that make it more popular. It’s the perfect option to make you feel relaxed, but above all, it makes you feel super social. It won’t load you with energy, but you will feel like you want to have a big drink night and talk with your buddies.

As White Widow is easy to grow, it’s an apple of the eye among edibles enthusiasts who prefer growing their cannabis.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain with 50/50 traits of Indica and Sativa, so it offers the best of both worlds to have nicely balanced edibles. With its rich fragrance and mouth-watering flavors, you won’t be able to resist yourself.

Cookies or hash made from Blue Dream generates thought-provoking, productive and relaxing effects. After consuming your favorite drink or snack made from Blue Dream, all your day’s chores would seem like a walk in a park.

The effects caused by this strain are generally long-lasting, euphoric, cerebral, and full-bodied. Thus, it’s an all-rounder strain that is relatively easy to cultivate and deliciously flavorful.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a member of the very famous Kush lineage. Even if you aren’t familiar with weed, you might have heard about OG Kush because of its unique characteristics.

It contains a rich, pine-like taste that doesn’t have too much of a harsh spicy note. It is a perfect strain to make weed brownies and other sweet meals as it offers a somewhat savory flavor that goes well with any cannabis edible.

OG Kush is also famous for containing high THC. Because of this high THC concentration, you don’t have to consume it in a large quantity to get the desired effects. It makes OG Kush a cost-effective strain.


Last but not least, Tangie is the new variant of everyone’s darling, ‘Tangerine Dream.’ If you’re sick with fatigue and want a blow of energy, you can count on Tangie to do the work, in a tasty way, of course!

It has resinous, earthy notes that increase before breaking into a sweet citrus taste, much like a West Coast IPA, but less bitter. These citrus notes are sweeter than sour — just like Mandarin oranges or tangerines, with a light sourness that you can notice.

Adding Tangie to your favorite edibles will not only make it tastier, but it will also offer you a significant amount of energetic uplifting.

A Word of Caution!

When making cannabis edibles, please remember that they’re easy to prepare but mastering them will take some time and experimentation. They affect people individually, but you have to be more cautious as the high produced by edibles is a totally different story from what you feel when you smoke them.

A rule of thumb while making edibles is: start low and go slow.

One of the most important things to remember while consuming drinks and snacks made from cannabis is that the effects of edibles not only take a while to kick in but can be much more potent than you imagine. So don’t be in a hurry; otherwise, you put yourself at great risk.

Jeff Campbell