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Pros and Cons Between Having an Expensive and Cheap Mattress

The perks of having a good quality mattress are often overlooked. After all, as long as you have a bed to sleep on, that’s all that should really matter, right? But having the perfect mattress or custom sized mattress for you has a lot of benefits.

People invest in a good quality mattress for different reasons. For instance, it can help you with the aches and sores that you wake up to almost every morning. For others, it may just be because they want the five-star hotel experience right in the comfort of their home. 

Some folks think that sticking to their budget is already enough, that’s why they settle for cheaper mattresses. On the other hand, people who opt to purchase more expensive ones do so because they haven’t experienced sleeping on costly mattresses before. People can have varied reasons for buying what they ultimately pick.

But what really is the better mattress type to purchase?

The cheap one or the expensive one? With regard to this, below is a comparison between the two mattresses to help you narrow down your options and find the best one that suits your needs and preferences. And if you happen to be in Australia, check out for the best deals.

Expensive Mattress

Enhancing your bedroom’s opulence can be done by switching to an expensive mattress.

There are many high-quality mattresses that are made to not only look good with the rest of your bedroom but are also built with features that you can enjoy for a better sleep quality. To check the mattress comparison click here. 

But purchasing an expensive mattress sometimes isn’t necessary. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you look for in a mattress.


  1. One of the many expensive mattress options is the memory foam mattress. This type of mattress is renowned for its ability to contour to its user’s body and provide exceptional comfort to them. Originally designed for NASA airplane seats, a memory foam mattress evenly distributes your body weight on the foam to prevent you from waking up with back pains or sores in the morning. Elderlies can benefit from this the most as their muscles and bones are no longer as flexible as they used to be.
  2. Several companies who make costly mattresses sometimes have access to delicately-made materials. For instance, mattresses made of natural fibers is an eco-friendly option that requires a high level of intricacy during the manufacturing process. It’s a resilient and sturdy mattress that provides exceptional comfort due to its breathability. Other types of mattresses are made with synthetic fiber fillings. If you live in a humid environment, perspire a lot during the night, or are looking for a new mattress alternative that is environment-friendly, then a natural fiber mattress may be for you.
  3. You can easily tell that a mattress is on the pricier side based on its thickness—most expensive mattresses have a thickness of around 20 inches and above. If you weigh more on the heavy side, are pregnant, or a person who enjoys sleeping on their side, there is a good chance that the pressure of your weight may press painfully against your own muscles and bones. In this case, it’s better to be more generous by buying a mattress that’s thick enough to not feel the surface under it.


  1. A pricey mattress may have features that you will not always be able to utilize. Costlier mattresses like adjustable beds have an option where you can customize it depending on how much you want the head or feet area reclined—this is a feature that not all users need. Some expensive mattresses may also be built with materials that you can barely notice.
  2. Several mattress manufacturers promote the need for sleeping on a soft mattress. However, there are others who prefer sleeping on a firmer bed. Though not all expensive mattresses are made to be ultra-soft and bouncy, most of the recently-made mattresses are. So if a plush cushion isn’t your preferred sleeping surface, you don’t necessarily have to go shopping on the high-price side of the department store.
  3. There is no guarantee that purchasing an expensive mattress will last longer than a cheaper one. It’s true that mattress companies make the extra effort to ensure that their products will be able to withstand the test of time. But, sometimes, new mattress types like the hybrid mattress is not exactly known for its durability. Since the hybrid type is made of two different materials, it’s more prone to breakage.

Cheap Mattress

Cheap mattresses have a reputation for being flimsy.

Because of this, some mattress-seekers don’t even bother to consider looking at cheap mattress options at all, let alone purchasing one. While it is evident that companies that sell affordable mattresses need more time to improve their products, finding a good quality budget-friendly mattress is not only possible—it’s also the price range that you want to look into first.


  1. Having a cheap mattress to sleep on isn’t always a bad thing. If you can find a mattress made out of high-quality materials, then you know you’re able to purchase the mattress at a bargain. An affordable mattress is a lifesaver for students who don’t have the budget to get a pricey mattress. If you’re sleeping in a dormitory and making ends meet as a college student, you can most definitely afford a mattress that meets your allowance. The same goes for newlyweds who don’t have a lot of savings, as well as newly-hired and recently-relocated individuals.
  2. If you’re not very particular with the material of the mattress, then you can most definitely buy a cheaper one instead of the costlier ones. Cheap mattresses are usually made of foam. If you opt for a foam type mattress, the only wear and tear you will be worrying about is the degeneration of the foam itself. As long as you’re careful with how you use and sleep on it,  your mattress’s lifespan can be extended as long as you take good care of it.
  3. Cheap mattresses are thinner than the pricey ones. But if you find that a thinner mattress is more comfortable for you to sleep on, then a cost-efficient mattress may benefit you and help you sleep better at night. If you sleep on your back and you’re not prone to waking up with a backache, then you should go for a firm mattress instead.


  1. You may not always be able to find high-quality yet affordable foam mattresses as they’re typically not advertised as much as the more expensive and state-of-the-art ones.
  2. Affordable mattresses like waterbeds, airbeds, or inflatable beds may be difficult to maintain. A simple needle prick or puncture can instantly deflate your bed, forcing you to sleep on the sofa for the rest of the night. And, if you’re on a budget, you may not want to have its temperature setting constantly turned on just so you can sleep on a bed with a comfortable temperature.
  3. Old mattresses like spring mattresses can now be purchased for a fraction of its price in the past. But spring mattresses have faster wear and tear than the others. What’s worse is if you continue to use it way past its suggested lifespan, the coils tend to poke out of the fabric itself, which sometimes leads to injuries as the springs aren’t usually visible since they’re covered with a linen or bedsheet.


There are countless types of mattresses ranging from so many different price points. While those who have the budget can splurge on a mattress to enjoy sleeping on, sometimes an economical mattress can work just as well. At the end of the day, you should consider you and your partner or family’s needs.

Your mattress option should depend on how you sleep, if you have any health condition that a mattress may alleviate or aggravate, or if you sleep hot at night, and many other considerations.

If you’re still not sure about the mattress that you wish to purchase, you can always directly ask or call a mattress company’s customer support. You can express your concerns and ask for recommendations to ensure that you’re getting a mattress that suits your needs. Better yet, if you can visit their physical store, do so in order for you to feel exactly what a mattress has to offer.

Jeff Campbell