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What Mattress Size Should You Get for Co-Sleeping with Your Kids?

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When co-sleeping with your children, getting the correct size mattress is critical to getting a good night’s sleep. We all know that getting enough sleep is essential for a child’s and your health, but most people underestimate the necessity of selecting the correct mattress size. Mattresses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of demands and tastes. Because they aren’t all made equal, knowing which one is right for you and your child will help you get the most out of your mattress purchase. Most people opt for a full size mattresses for this purpose. This article will discuss some key points that you must consider when buying mattresses for restful sleep.

Which size mattress will work best while co-sleeping?

If you are looking for the best mattress for co-sleeping with your child but are confused about which size to look for, read this article to know more! There are various conventional mattress sizes available on the market, and we’ll go over each one thoroughly so you can make an educated decision. The following are the most significant options sizes for sleeping with your children:

·        Full-size mattress

If you need the right size mattress for yourself and your child, you should consider getting a full-size mattress. The dimensions of a full-size mattress are 53 by 75 inches. Many people purchase them because they are far less expensive than queen-size mattresses and are the perfect size for sleeping with your child.

Full size mattresses are ideal for mothers who must sleep with their children or even couples who sleep with their infants and want to maximize their sleeping space. If you are looking for the ideal full size mattresses, then this SleepingOcean’s article will outline the top picks for you, so click on the link and help yourself!

·        King size mattress

The most significant mattress type offered in the market is a king mattress. These mattresses have enough room for two adults and two kids quickly. This mattress is perfect for couples who must sleep with their toddlers because it provides you with enough space to stretch out comfortably at night without disturbing your child’s sleep.

·        Full XL Mattress

While a good night’s sleep is beneficial to everyone, children rely on it to maintain their growth and healthy routine. Purchasing a Full XL mattress will make sleeping easy for both you and your child. This mattress measures 54 by 80 inches, making it ideal for three people to sleep in comfortably. These mattresses are a few inches longer vertically and, providing you with extra legroom, making them great for sleeping with toddlers.

·        Cal King Mattress

Cal king mattresses are specially designed for tall people, which means excess space.  Thus, if you want to co-sleep with your child, this is the mattress to get because you can benefit from the extra space.

The sleeping position plays a huge role in making a mattress comfortable or uncomfortable for you when sleeping with your child and the Cal King mattress caters to this very need of yours. Click on the link for a complete guide on choosing the right sleeping positions.

How to choose a mattress size while co-sleeping?

When it comes to choosing the right size mattress for co-sleeping with your child, your child’s age will most likely be your first consideration. Below we’ve broken down the necessary mattress size recommendations according to different age groups:

·        Co-sleeping with Infants

If you’re expecting a baby, you’ll have many decisions, and choosing the right mattress size is one of them. Newborn babies demand the constant attention of their mothers and hence need to sleep right by them. In terms of the right size, you need to buy a firm surface mattress that offers enough space for the baby to sleep peacefully and reduce the risk of getting suffocated.

Make sure that the mattress measurements are enough to accommodate at least three people while keeping in mind standardize newborn care. Also, make sure the mattress you choose complies with the essential safety standards of the baby.

·        Co-sleeping with Toddlers

When their children reach toddlerhood, parents must make mattress decisions. Children often move from sleeping with their parents to sleeping alone at this age; however, a study shows that sleeping near their parents can benefit a child’s health. As a result, if you want to sleep alongside your children, you’ll need either a King or a Cal King mattress. A toddler who sleeps alongside their parents is more likely to sleep soundly and grow properly.

·        Co-sleeping with Kids

Once your child reaches the age whenever he starts going to school, sleep is a crucial part of growing up, and sleeping in a King-size mattress with both of your parents can become restricting after a certain age. It would be best if you upgraded to a twin mattress at this age so that your child has their sleeping place as well as extra space in case you need to sleep with them. Click on the link to read the ultimate guide on choosing the best mattress for your kids.

How to Co-Sleep safely with your children?


Some parents believe that co-sleeping with their child is the best option for their family despite the dangers. If you decide to sleep with your child, you must take the following safety measures:

  • To lessen the risk of SIDS, always put babies to sleep on their backs.
  • To reduce sweating, dress your baby in light clothing.
  • A baby should not be left alone in an adult bed.
  • Make sure the infant is sleeping on a firm mattress
  • When your child is asleep, don’t cover their head.
  • Instead of blankets, use a sleeper for your infant.
  • If you have a baby on your chest, don’t fall asleep.


Co-sleeping with your children is a familiar concept worldwide, which is considered healthy for your child’s growth. When co-sleeping with your child, you need to choose the right size mattress for your child and yourself to get proper and healthy sleep. This article highlights the ideal mattress sizes for you to use and the essential features to look out for when buying a new mattress.





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