Here’s Why Memes Must be Part of Your Social Marketing Strategy

Over the last few years, meme marketing has evolved into a genre of social media marketing of its own. Several studies even indicate the success of it in various brand campaigns and general inclusion in a brand’s social footprint.

Netflix, Apple, and Hyundai are global brands that have harnessed meme marketing really well, by getting the vibe and messaging, just right. There are also several cases where brand advertising fell flat when meme messaging was corny or insensitive. 

Yet, by including memes in their social marketing strategies, brands are able to grow their engagement, and social reach exponentially.

Here are some rules to help you raise your meme game and make memes work for your brand. 

Make It Playful

Humour has always been a great marketing tool, even in traditional advertising, theatre, and other performance art. Memes are the modern-day tool to grow brand identity, recall, and to send a strong message.

Engagement on meme posts can be up to 10 times more than on regular posts, as everyone likes to enjoy a playful moment, especially during a tough day. 

Know Your Business Goals

When designing any campaign, it’s important to understand your brand’s growth goals, audiences, and budgets for the financial year. Build a social media strategy around these goals, comes next. 

Reduce Campaign Costs 

Memes come at low production costs, especially after the launch of meme maker platforms like InVideo. Such platforms offer sophisticated tools and thousands of options, that can be seamlessly customized to design the right meme. 

Trigger The Viral Effect

Memes are easy to consume as well as share across your social media platforms. Since they are not heavy, but light and playful, they appeal to a wider audience, across all ages and demographics. 

Make It A Natural Fit 

Not every brand or category can use memes with ease. For example, if you offer a medical product, the usage of memes may not be a good fit for the campaign. However, memes are a great fit for OTT platform content, consumer products, social products, and pet care products. It all depends on the DNA, core values, and reputation of the brand. 

However, memes have the advantage of being able to fit into the social media strategies of businesses, offering a wide range of products, services, systems, and solutions.   

Match Your Brand Voice 

The mood and vibe of your meme should complement the overall brand voice.

If your brand has never integrated memes into its promotion strategy, there might be a need to make the shift in the right way by gradually shifting the overall tone of communication. As this happens, you can slowly introduce memes in the digital footprint. 

Designing It Right

Memes essentially have two core elements – visuals and text. It’s really important to ensure these two elements complement each other when designing a meme.

Mismatched elements in a signal meme reduce impact, so conceptualize and deliver with care. 

Find The Right Visuals

The image selected by you must tie into your brand vibe and company identity, to increase brand recall. Meme generator platforms tend to have libraries of thousands of meme templates that can be customized to reflect the spark of your brand. Colors, expressions, and the form, all contribute to the visual. So, choose with nuance. 

Choose A Lovable Character 

Some of the most successful memes have used lovable cartoon or anime characters to convey a message, or promote a new product, or content.

For example, Netflix used “Surprised Pikachu”, one of the most loved characters of the Pokemon series to promote their popular show “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”. Some of the most popular characters used liberally in memes are inspired by popular animes, Sesame Street, and Disney characters.

Converting adorable images of pets into memes can spiral engagement. 

Use The Right Words 

Once you’ve identified a good visual, working on the text comes next.

Meme maker platforms enable you to change the text easily, while also retaining some part of it, if relevant. You don’t need to be a wordsmith, however, using language that connects to your consumer demographic is important – whether they are Gen X, Millenials, Gen X, or baby boomers.

Getting the lingo right is key. Feel free to use less text, and even sounds, slang, and newly invented social vocabulary, for effect. 

Say It With An Emoji

Not every meme needs words. Sometimes, the clever use of an emoji can say it all, just as powerfully. Make sure you use the right one, for the right effect and impact. 

Tap Into Popular Culture 

Introducing your favorite scenes or lines from popular series’ like “Friends” or iconic movies like The Godfather is a great way to make your communication playful. Just make sure there are no copyright issues from such usage. 

Get A Little Political

Sometimes brands take a stand on an important issue and leveraging sarcasm to make a point is a powerful approach. Memes provide just the right tool in such a scenario. It creates the opportunity to make a strong point without being offensive, or direct. 

Build It Into Brand Communication

Memes need not only be part of your official brand campaigns.

They can also be used in official communication, say, your email signature, in surveys and reports, PowerPoint presentations, as well as email communication to your team members, consumers, customers, and networks. 

This communication is an extension of brand communication, and hence, memes can be woven in, to break the ice, strengthen relationships, and keep the humor alive. 

In a way, memes are becoming a key part of all communication culture. 

Promote Memes Extensively

Sharing memes across your social media – through posts, stories, and videos – is as important as the work that goes into designing them.

Tag influencers and micro-influencer in your network, as well as users who love and swear by your brand. Another interesting property is the meme challenge or contest. Entering your best memes and winning, can trigger recognition and brand visibility among newer audiences. 

Ace Your Meme Game

Not every meme may get the outcome you desire. But consistently experimenting with them, will help you successfully integrate them into your social media strategy, internal communication, and other touchpoints of engagement. 

Use InVideo to ace your meme game and attract your followers.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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