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4 Men’s Fashion Trends to Keep in Mind in 2022

The market for men’s fashion is on the rise, and men are now spending more on clothes than the average woman. In fact, studies show that men spend about $10 more per month on clothing and apparel than their female counterparts do. Fashion is a more masculine pursuit than ever before!

This makes sense when you think about how looking good boosts confidence and self-image. Read on to learn some of the best men’s fashion trends that will make you feel bold in 2022.

1. Varsity Jackets

Looking to relive your high school days (or at least your high school fashion?) Designer varsity jackets are a great way to do that.

Of course, you won’t be showing off the activities that you actually did in high school. You probably won’t even have your name on the jacket. But the two-toned color palette, the collared neckline, and the ironed-on initial still look awesome well into adulthood.

2. Polos and Button-Ups

Speaking of high school, you probably remember button-up shirts as something the preppy kids wore. Well, this isn’t 100% true anymore. While they still make one think of a preppy style, these shirts are making a comeback among adult men in both casual and professional settings.

Pair a polo with some dark jeans or khakis for a casual day out. Slap a blazer on top and wear matching dress pants if you’re going to work. These shirts are versatile and scream “fashion.”

3. Loose-Fitting Clothes and Pastels

A lot of 2022 men’s fashion is moving into softer unisex territory. While some men won’t want to take the leap towards these styles, they’re an awesome way for most guys to show off their more approachable and sensitive side.

Harry Styles is currently hailed as one of the best-dressed musicians out there, and he’s been popularizing pastel hues and loose cotton outfits. These clothes are airy, light, and breathable while letting you express yourself with new color palettes. If you’re especially bold, you can pair these soft looks with a pair of male earrings.

4. Dad Shoes

Dad shoes are the perfect blend of style and comfort. They’re a resurgence of the classic paneled sneaker. Their thick and chunky soles give you a casual and funky throwback look.

Dad shoes also come in tons of bright colors. Their multipaneled look makes boasting multiple popping hues easy. You can get the best styles at, so start browsing and make a purchase ASAP.

Beyond the Top Men’s Fashion Trends of 2022

While building handsome outfits may feel like a challenge, it actually is a lot of fun. You’re curating the image that you want to project to the world regardless of the setting or situation you’re dressing up for.

Now that you know some of the best 2022 men’s fashion trends, it’s time to start looking both strong and stylish. Check out the search function on our home page to find more style guides and fashion tips that you need to know when creating your wardrobe.

Jeff Campbell