Most Affordable States to Live and Work in 2019

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American consumers buy over 5 million pre-existing homes each year. Finding a home that is both appealing and affordable is the main goal most people have. In some instances, a person will need to move to a new state to get the job opportunities and affordable housing options they are looking for.

Before moving to a new state, using websites like EnergyBot is essential. While this site specializes in finding business owners the best energy prices in the country, it can give a homeowner an idea of what rates they may have to pay in a particular area.

Read below to find out more about the most affordable states to live and work in.

Wyoming is a Nature Lovers Paradise

Are you looking for a place to live that is filled with natural beauty? If so, Wyoming may be a great option. The average cost of a home in the Cowboy State is around $270,000. When compared to other areas like Seattle, Wyoming has a far lower cost of living which is great news for budget-conscious consumers.

If you feel like this is the place you need to be, start planning your move right now. The longer you wait to iron out the particulars of this move, the harder you will find it to avoid mistakes along the way. Working with professionals is essential when trying to have a quick and painless moving experience.

Kansas is a Great Place to Live

Another state that is affordable and serene is Kansas. In this state, you can expect to pay around $300,00 for the average home. This is nearly 50 percent less than other areas like New York. The first thing you will notice about this state is just how friendly and welcoming the residents are.

There are also a ton of great barbecue restaurants with good food and low prices. You can also take advantage of the various things to do in this state. Everything thing from hunting, fishing and professional sports games are available in Kansas. With all of these great activities, you never have to worried about being bored in your new home state.

The Majestic Beauty of Tennessee

Are you looking for a new home that is filled with southern charm and great attractions? If so, the state of Tennessee is a great option. In this state, you can look to pay around $310,000 for a home. For years, Tennessee has been one of the most popular states in the union. Living in this state provides you with the luxury of taking a weekend trip to Nashville or visiting the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Both of these places have football, music and lots of great places to eat. Not only does this state have a low cost of living, there is also lower crime rates in most cities. This is great news for a person looking to move their young family to the Volunteer State.

Moving to Missouri is a Great Idea

Affordable prices and great attractions are what awaits you if you move to Missouri. Known as the Show Me State, the median price for houses in this area is around $275,000. Areas in Missouri like Joplin have lower housing costs, but larger populations.

Luckily, there are a number of smaller communities outside of these major metropolitan areas with great housing for decent prices. The key to finding a great home in Missouri is working with a reputable and knowledgeable real estate agent.

Take Your Time When Choosing a New Area to Live In

The main mistake most people make when looking for a new state to move to is rushing through the research process. Instead of getting in a hurry, take the time to weigh all of your options before making this important decision.


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