Tips On Moving House With Ease

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Moving house can be one of the biggest and most stressful times in life. There are so much to do and so many opportunities where things can go wrong, it is important to be prepared as much as you can for all eventualities and also prepare beforehand to make things run as smoothly as you can. If you get to the point where you are just like I want to sell my house fast. Make sure you are ready for it because sometimes they can sell fast and you will be moving out before you know it and have even had a chance to say goodbye!

Declutter your house as soon as you put it on the market

By doing this you will make the house look more presentable and also make moving a lot easier for yourself.

IF you move house, you don’t want to be taking any unnecessary items with you that you will probably just throw away anyway. It is best to declutter beforehand, get rid of any clothes you no longer wear. Give away or donate your own books and films you won’t watch or read again as well as any other knick-knacks around the house that are just causing clutter. 

Once you are on your way and have a moving date the real work will begin.

Packing up a whole house can be very time-consuming and very stressful. You may get to the point where you just want to throw everything in bin bags and get it all out the other end. Alas, that is not the solution. It is best to start packing well in advance as you don’t want to underestimate how long it will take to pack up, well, everything you own.

Pack in advance and pack up rooms you don’t use as much

This will give you a great head start then as you get to the items you use regularly like towels, bowls, and plates pack everything up apart from one each and just make sure they are washed and ready to use again. Then you have most things packed and can get things ready for the big day.

When packing makes sure you have enough boxes, if you know anyone who works in factories and warehouses speak to them as they may have a lot of boxes they are just going to throw away but instead they can be of use to you.

Another important aspect of packing is making sure you have the right protective materials so when packing valuable and breakable things they are well protected for a potentially bumpy ride to their new destination. You don’t want to get into your new house and find you have no plates left because they are all broken. 

Making moving the boxes a lot easier with colored markers

If you get some colored markers for when packing up and use a color per room then when you are moving the boxes into the new house it will be a lot easier and especially if you end up hiring a moving crew as they will be able to move things quickly and efficiently without having to check and ask what boxes you want where or even just leaving them in one big pile so that you end up having a lot more work when unpacking and working out where everything goes. 

Get your kids acclimated to the move

If you have kids in the house you will want to have a stress-free move when involving them.

Make sure they see the new house and have a lot of notice when you are moving especially if they are at the age where they don’t like change. It can cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for them and even more so if the move causes them to change schools as well.

Giving them time to process and accept the change that is coming is one of the best things you can do.

On moving day a good idea is to get them out of the way, you want to avoid injuries and added stress so seeing if a family member or friend can watch them for the day will be a lifesaver as well as having everything ready for them at the new house, so they can come in and start setting up their new room however they want to. 

Get the paperwork done early!

Saving yourself time on the admin side of things will also help things move a lot smoother as when you’ve moved house you don’t want to be routing through mounds of paperwork for different information.

So before you move and when you have a set date, contact everyone to inform them of the change of address, places like work, banks, insurance, and anyone that sends you mail.

You will also want to contact the utility companies so they can make sure the account will be closed on the property and opened on the new one at the right time, saving any overlay and you trying to get a refund on money they have taken when they shouldn’t have. 

Final thoughts

After all the boxes are in, you can finally sit down on the couch, if it is there and ready you will 100% not want to cook dinner, so order a takeaway, something simple like pizza so you don’t have to wash up after either. Then you can just go and relax, go to bed and get ready for a new day of unpacking and giving everything a new home.

Which will certainly be a lot simpler with your color-coded boxes and everyone chipping in to unbox one room at a time.

By putting these tips into your diary and making sure you implement them as part of your moving house routine then you will move house with a lot less stress and hopefully, it can be a more enjoyable and positive experience, entering a new and exciting chapter in your lives!  

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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