Eliminating The Stress Of Moving House With Kids

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Moving house is one of the most chaotic experiences a person can put themselves through.

When you add children to the mix, however, the process becomes that much more stressful. Even good days with kids can get overwhelming, so an upheaval like this will likely cause trouble. Although children generally adapt well to change, that doesn’t mean they’ll do so quietly.

To make your life much easier, here are six tips for eliminating the stress of moving house with kids. 

  1. Tell Them Early On

Many parents put off telling their children about moving for as long as possible. They assume that doing so will give the kids less time to get worked up and worry.

The problem is, children are incredibly intuitive creatures. Even if your kids don’t know what’s happening, they will figure out you have a secret. By telling them early, you give them the time they need to process the news. 

  1. Visit The New Area

When moving house, kids have a tendency to focus on the things they’re losing.

They have to leave so many things behind, including friends, school, and the family home. To take their minds off that, you should show them a few of the things they’ll gain when you move. Perhaps there’s a great park or a leisure center.

Visiting the new area together can help to get your kids excited. 

  1. Give Them Some Control

Just like most adults, many children hate being told to do.

This can cause problems when you’re making huge decisions that affect them, like the choice to move house. Rather than ignore what they have to say, you should give your kids some control. Some parents take their children to property viewings, while others let them pick their bedrooms and decorate however they like. 

  1. Bring In Extra Help

Moving day is sure to be stressful for everyone.

However, you can make it less so by having plenty of people to help you. Make sure you research moving services and find the right one for your needs.

You should also call in friends and relatives to lend a hand. Keeping yourself calm will show your kids there is nothing to worry about, which will save them unnecessary stress too. 

  1. Let Them Say Goodbye

Everyone has plenty of goodbyes to say when they move away.

Nonetheless, children have more than most. After all, as well as their family, they will have plenty of school friends and teachers that they will miss. Planning a going away party is a great way to get all of the people you love together in one place. This allows your kids to say goodbye to everyone they need to.

  1. Keep Up The Routine

The few weeks before and after your move are going to be chaotic. While this chaos will probably impact you, it’s important that it doesn’t affect your children.

You must make sure that you keep up the usual routine, including mealtimes and bedtimes. Maintaining a routine won’t be easy, but it is necessary for keeping your children calm and happy. 

Moving house is always stressful, especially when kids are involved. However, with the advice above, you should be able to make the experience easier for your family. 

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