My Child has Missing Teeth- What all Options Do I Have?

Is your child losing his smile lately? If yes, then the reasons can be many, and a missing tooth may be one of them. After all, it has been changing the appearance of his smile.

Whether this missing tooth is because of gum disease, severe tooth decay, injury, or a genetic condition, this can cause numerous problems. Irrespective of how your child loses his teeth, it can negatively impact the teeth alignment over time and cause many problems if not replaced. Consulting dentists in Orange County can be your best bet now that you’re wondering what to do.

People mainly don’t value their teeth until they’re lost, and to the utmost grief, their teeth don’t last forever. The loss of a single tooth can impact oral health and confidence. What’s even worse is that it may affect your speech, the ability to chew the food, and jawbone integrity.

Now that you’re worried about your child’s smile and confidence, here are some options that help you replace the missing tooth and restore the beautiful smile. Can’t wait to know what these are? Let’s get going with discovering:

  • Orthodontics:

The scenarios in which you can use orthodontics as a solution.

One lucrative option is to create a space in the area where the tooth should have arrived, but it didn’t. And, this particular space is occupied by some other tooth that filled in the gap. By doing so, the dentist is creating essential room for an implant.

The second option rests with closing the space which the missing tooth has left. This treatment guides the remaining teeth into a position of closing the gap. Dentists sometimes employ tooth shaping for properly bridging the gap and mimicking the look of the tooth that’ll be in that spot.

  • Dental Implants

Researching numerous resources, you’ll be glad to know that implants are vitally one of the best solutions for missing teeth. It is because of their strength, cosmetic appeal, and durability. However, dental implants are viable only after your child has gotten over the adolescence stage.

The dental implants orange county experts determine if your child has stopped growing by performing a 360 degree cranial X-ray, famous under the name cephalometric scans.

You may assume that children cease growth once they reach a certain age. And that’s when fitting implants are safe. Also, since all children are different, the dentist determines if the replacement tooth roots provide a strong foundation for permanent teeth. After all, these need to match your natural teeth in the best manner.

  • Removable Bridge:

Another great option can be employing a removable bridge.

These bridges, popularly known as dentures, reduce the gap between missing teeth numbers. These partials also provide bite stabilities and a proper cosmetic appeal.

Since these are similar to retainers, which dental experts used after removing braces, these may appear uncomfortable at first. However, with clocks ticking, these are easy to get used to. Kids of all ages enjoy pulling these and scare the heck out of their friends, saying, “Look what’s possible for me.”

The Verdict

The options to remedy a missing tooth are many, whether because of an injury, decay, or gum disease.

Know that each option has its share of pros and cons, which an Orange County dental professional will be able to weigh based on your child’s specific needs and budget. Remember that a missing tooth isn’t the end of the world. And, reaching a dentist can give you and your child a sigh of relief.

After all, it’s about filling a gap for a beautiful smile and increased confidence.




Jeff Campbell