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Navigating the New World of Marijuana

The marijuana industry has become one of the most popular industries in the world, probably because of the product that is being sold, but also because of the recent string of legalizations across the states in America.

One of the results of this is that the market has become massive, with many different products, many different methods of consumption, and a variety of brands. This can be quite confusing compared to a few years ago, when all you needed to know was the names of the different strains being smoked.

If you haven’t been part of the culture for a while, you might not know where to start to make sense of everything, so here is a brief guide on how to navigate the new world of marijuana.

Different methods of consumption

The marijuana industry has changed quite a bit over the years, and if the last time you used a marijuana product was before the legalization of recreational marijuana, then the landscape probably looks extremely different than you remember.

Gone are the days when all a person needed was rolling paper, cannabis and a lighter; now there are various different ways to consume marijuana. One of the most popular is using a dry herb vaporizer like the Might Plus Vaporizer, which you can look at here, and they come in a variety of designs.  Another option could be using tinctures, topicals or even sprays. The second most popular method of consumption, for those who don’t want to smoke or vape, is to use edibles.

Edibles come in many different shapes and sizes; some are gummies, some come in the form actually food, and others are infused with beverages. Each consumption method is different, and has different onset times for the effects to be felt, so reading should be done to find the one that suits your needs and preferences.

What are dry herb vaporizers?

As mentioned, dry herb vaporizers are by far the most popular method to consume marijuana, and the product has gained popularity for many reasons. A dry herb vaporizer is simply a device that allows users to heat marijuana in a healthy way, without using combustion.

This is important, because it is combustion that creates harmful toxins when smoking marijuana using a traditional method, which is why so many different methods of consumption have arisen.

There are many different types of dry herb vaporizers, some are portable; these are usually called on-demand, or session vaporizers. The devices are relatively small, can fit inside any pocket, and can be used while on the go. The other popular type of dry herb vaporizer is the desktop vaporizer; these are much bigger, require to be plugged into a power source, and are great for sharing.

The slang of the marijuana market

As with any culture that attempts to separate itself from the culture that came before it, slang words have changed, and the words that you may have known when you were a young rebel aren’t the same as the ones being used today.

While it is true that some of the most common are still being used, such as grass, pot, weed, reefer or herb, there are other new words too. One of these new words is extract, or otherwise known as concentrate. This is simply the form of extract THC, which has a much higher potency, and is used with some vaporizers or with dab rigs.

Dab rigs are another new word, and refers to another method of consuming marijuana. It essentially looks like a bong, and works in a very similar way; the concentrate, or extract, is placed in the banger or nail which is then heated up with a torch, and finally the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

But what is CBD?

One of the other products on the marijuana market is CBD, and is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. CBD, unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that has psychoactive effects), won’t get you high at all, and is mainly used in the medicinal marijuana industry.

Nowadays, CBD is available in many stores, headshops, and even supermarkets which sell CBD infused products, such as beverages, bread or even desserts. The compound has been beneficial properties and is primarily used to help treat pain, and various other conditions, such as osteoarthritis, PTSD, anxiety and multiple sclerosis.

Many people are using CBD for the general benefits it provides, and for the calming and stress relieving effects it has.