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6 Ski Tips for Beginners

Skiing is a fun sport but it’s also an activity that will take you a while to learn. Even professionals are finding ways to improve their technique even if they’ve been skiing for years. However, no matter the age, it’s a sport worth learning.

For new skiers or those who are just thinking about learning, these tips will help make learning easier and help you get ahead of the curve.

  1. Get the right clothes

Like in any sport, skiing requires you to dress appropriately. When doing any kind of sport on ice, you have to think of more than just keeping yourself warm. Movement is crucial, so you have to get flexible clothes and comfortable shoes.

People who ski are also prone to getting head-related injuries; choose a helmet with strong shock absorption material and one that fits you perfectly. Go for brands with advanced performance options, like Giro Union Mips Helmet because they’re designed to withstand harsh elements and conditions in the country, which can allow you to learn comfortably.

The proper clothes and gear are a wise investment as not only will you be comfortable, but you’re lowering the chances of getting injured.

  1. Learn from a professional

Rather than learning from a family or a friend, it’s better to learn from a professional ski instructor. A trained professional will guide you to skiing the right way, not to mention they are trained to structure the lesson depending on your athleticism or potential. This will make you improve quicker, rather than learning from a friend.

  1. Choose the right place to learn

Picking the right ski destination is important because the type of terrain will impact your ability to learn. Look for resorts that have ski schools and are family-friendly. Check out photos on their websites and see if the area is conducive to beginner skiing.

There are resorts that have all kinds of slopes catering to beginners and professionals alike, however, not all resorts are like that. The majority will have just one type of slope that will dominate the entire landscape. If this is the case, then choose a terrain that’s beginner-friendly.

  1. Bend your knees

As in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, it’s all about the knees. If you have experience with the aforementioned sports, then you’ll have an easier time learning how to ski. If not, then this basic tip will help you a lot in mastering balance and control.

Most of the time, beginners will have their legs straight and this messes up the balance, not to mention, it won’t give you any kind of control. Get used to squatting and finding your balance. It centers your upper body, and if you learn how to align your shoulders with your knees, you’ll also find your balance pretty quickly.

Bending your knees does more than help your speed and control, it also prepares you for those small jumps that you have to make on uneven terrain.

  1. Look Ahead

Having narrow pieces of planks attached to your feet can be weird as a beginner. Naturally, you would want to look at them and see how they move when your feet are positioned in a certain way. However, avoid looking at the tip of your ski at all times. Always look ahead.

Think about it, you don’t look at your shoes when walking, do you? You’ll end up running into something and getting into more trouble that way.

To be more confident, learn about the environment and the terrain beforehand. As a rule of thumb, be mindful of what’s ten feet ahead of you at all times.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Falling is part of the game. As a beginner, feel free to make mistakes. Snow is pretty soft so falling shouldn’t hurt. But to avoid injuries, try to fall on your side. Then, get back up again.

Don’t rush. Just take it slowly. Absorb the lessons and try to ace the basics first.

Be Patient and Be Safe

Learning how to ski will take time.

You probably have friends who are so fast they’re always waiting for you at the bottom of the slope. Don’t be pressured to advance too quickly. Just have fun with it and love the sport. You will come to learn how to jump or do some backward skiing. The important thing is to enjoy the sport while avoiding any injuries.


Jeff Campbell