Newborn Checklist: What to Gift Expecting Parents

Baby on the way!

All the love you want to shower and the limitless new possibilities that are now open often stump us when it comes to choosing a gift for this occasion. Don’t just turn up with balloons and bears, think of the usability scale! Remember, the expecting parents are the ones who will benefit from them. Opt for something that will offer help and bring some happiness too.

If you are still mulling over what to give expecting parents, here’s a newborn checklist:

  • Diapers and diaper bag

What expecting parents won’t expect is how much the newborn poops. Include diapers in your gift combo tied up with a nice ribbon and a big bow or throw in a trendy diaper bag into the mix too. New parents would give a sigh of relief and remember you fondly for helping them add to the stock.

  • Swaddle blankets and hooded towels

Soft and comforting, these essentials are preferred in threes at least. You don’t want new parents to feel harassed on laundry days. Swaddling makes babies really comfortable. Extra-soft hooded towels are absorbent and even antibacterial, the only thing their delicate skin should touch.

  • Burp cloths, onesies, and wipes

Expecting parents will always be grateful for these three things.

There can never be too many of them. Regurgitated milk, an extra layer of warmth, or just some privacy during feeding, large-sized burp cloths come in really handy. Onesies are the ideal nappy holding garment, a cozy inner for cold days, and the only thing to flaunt on hot ones. Besides, changing is a dream in them. Wipes—gift of the gods!

  • Baby sleeping bags or sleep sacks

One of the most thoughtful gifts to give expecting parents is sleep. They will be so grateful to receive an item that will make sure the baby is wrapped up and secure. Kicked-off bulky blankets mean getting up at night, add to that the constant possibility of getting the head covered. Pick one according to the season and gift some snuggle love.

  • Baby carrier or sling

Give those hands a break or just let them free to tackle some other chores around the house. Slings are also a great gift for new parents to run errands, visit the pediatrician or just to take a stroll.

  • New born baby hampers

A sweet little combo that will delight the expecting parents with various choices in gifts that are useful as well as memory keepsakes.

Combine some functional things such as bibs and clothes with fun stuff such as toys, etc. Some gift baskets also include plants that can add to the nursery décor or you can add some relaxing candles and creams for the new parents.

Pair personalized mementos with gift cards to local restaurants that deliver.

Bring out the best in gifting with the right mix of pampering, sentimental value, and usefulness. In these times, some extra love and care will mean a lot to new parents. Schedule a reliable delivery!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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