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4 Nintendo Switch Lite must-plays of 2021

The Nintendo Switch turned 4 years old last month. With a whopping 79.87 million units sold since 2017, we can confidently claim the Nintendo Switch’s success.

2019 would see the Nintendo Switch morph into a permanently mobile version coined the Nintendo Switch Lite. Since there isn’t a cellular version of the console, you will find yourself playing games that don’t require internet access to appreciate.

While online multiplayer is this gaming generation’s leading approach to playing video games, we want to tell you about 6 games you can play on your Nintendo Switch Lite without being connected to WiFi.

1. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a sequel to the critically acclaimed masterpiece Ori and the Blind forest.

It is an action-platformer that takes players on a journey to rescue a beloved friend and save their home.

Ran like a traditional Metroidvania game, beautifully animated powers and large maps satisfy perfectionists who want to return to areas and collect all the things.

2. Hades

Instead of mindlessly dying over and over with random permanent progressions, Hades cleverly and ingeniously integrates a riveting and evolving storyline based on characters and themes found in Greek Mythology.

After masterfully crafted Rouge-like games like Dead Cells and Binding of Isaac, many understand how difficult it can be to improve the permadeath, arcade, auto-generated style game. Hades shows us no concept is ever finished, and there is always room for innovation and creativity.

3. Undertale

Whether they played it or not, all gamers know about Toby’s passion project, Undertale, and now you can enjoy it on your Nintendo Switch Lite.

Players will note a striking similarity to the aesthetics of the Earthbound and Mother franchises. The gameplay is simple, and the story evolves based on every action you take.

There will be multiple playthroughs and hours of gameplay before you realized you still haven’t seen half of the content in the game.

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises and not without reason. While there are many online features for players to experience, you can still enjoy most of the game without being connected to the internet.

You know what Animal Crossing is, so there isn’t much to talk about it. Just make sure that you take plenty of snapshots of your town so we can see how you’re living.

What games are you playing on your Nintendo Switch Lite?

Tell us in the comments which titles you’ve played on your Nintendo Switch Lite. Also, let us know if there are any games you deem worthy of appearing on a list like this in the future.

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Jeff Campbell