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Top 5 Best Tips on How to Approach Online Dating as a Single Parent

Becoming a single parent can be a stressful situation to be in. Bringing up children on your own involves a lot of responsibility, but the time will eventually come to look forward to other areas of your life, such as seeking a new partner. So if you are looking for a new partner you should definitely try online dating. These platforms represent a convenient environment for reaching out to other singles and developing a rapport. If you’re in this position and considering signing up to a site, here are five top tips.

Be positive about going online

The first tip about adopting digital technology is to embrace the possibilities, rather than harbouring notions of doubt. It’s only natural to lose some of your confidence and resilience if a previous relationship has failed, especially if there was any degree of acrimony when you split up from your child’s father.

But now is the time to draw a line on past disappointments and make the most of the bright future that might lie ahead. Many lone parents are being tempted to join one of the popular dating sites. Joining a dating site will give you access to the contact details of a diverse range of prospective partners, with many of these outlets offering dedicated chat rooms or providing dating advice for single parents.

The bottom line is, you are rarely going to encounter any timewaster in this environment. So just relax, and set off to have some well-deserved fun!

Check out your options

What type of relationship are you seeking with a new partner?

It could be the case you’re not ready for anything serious again, at least not for a while. There are many sites where you can link with like-minded individuals who are merely looking for casual flings.

On the other hand, you might have decided the key to lifting your social life from the doldrums is to bond with someone – particularly if you are looking for some stability where your kids are concerned. Whatever your aspirations, you can choose the site to sign up to accordingly.

Be honest about your priorities

People will always be looking for different outcomes when starting a fresh partnership.

So the next tip would be ensuring you have some sort of plan before signing up to a dating resource. If you have a set idea about the type of person you’d like to meet, there would be no point in compromising if the first person you connect with doesn’t possess the necessary attributes.

The flexibility of these websites means that the moment it becomes apparent that this person isn’t on the same wavelength, you can easily move on to someone else.

Take control of your destiny

A major part of starting over is a feeling of empowerment.

A lot of being a single parent involves putting your child first, and while this is certainly never going to change, reaching out to a potential love interest must also be on your terms. Joining a matching service involves placing your ambitions first and foremost.

You make the key decisions about who to contact, and who to move on from, as well as the frequency with which you tap into your dating account.

Look to the future

The final tip is to consider the longer-term vision of how a relationship is going to pan out.

Some factors will change, meaning you’ll need to leave some room for adaptability. But it would be worth having a clear goal of where you see yourself, and your family, in the future.

Do you think you’ll eventually marry again, or at least commit to something serious?


Jeff Campbell