Online Science Tutoring: 5 Things to Look for

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Online tutoring witnessed a growth rate of 13.2% since the pandemic has hit the world.

Edtech startups are now focusing on hiring teachers specializing in a particular subject so as to match the schools.

Science can become one of the most challenging subjects for a child if the base is not properly established. Moreover, the subject gets divided into three streams in higher secondary classes, so the students’ current knowledge becomes an essential factor in choosing the correct subject in the future.

Therefore, you must ensure that your child is being exposed to high-quality education at an early age.

Now the real question is how to know what kind of online tutor you should choose. To answer this, understand that expensive doesn’t always mean quality. There are various teachers on the internet that provide valuable services at an affordable rate. Look for them, and if they follow these five things, they are a good choice for your child.

  1. Personalized attention

In traditional school education, there used to be a fixed time for the teacher to explain various topics to a vast number of students. This became a problem for many children as most of their doubts used to remain uncleared.

But in online classes, the teacher is comfortable enough to give personalized attention to a particular student. This further increases children’s concentration and also creates time slots for  queries. So, if a child receives good attention from the teacher, it’s a green flag!

  1. Visual representation

Science is a mix of practical understanding and theory learning. If the concept is clear, then the theory would be solved anyway. So, while going for any online science tutoring, observe if the tutor is able to provide a visual representation of the topics mentioned in the textbook.

Since there is no such restriction of a blackboard, it expands the opportunity for the teacher to use technology and give a clearer understanding of the scientific theories.

  1. Using better online tools

The internet has an ample number of online tools which are specially made for online tutoring. For better learning purposes, these tools provide good aid, so a tutor should be using at least some of them.

These tools include drawing tools, whiteboards, text editors, pointers, screen-sharing tools, and more. So, while going through a tutor’s profile, don’t forget to check on these details.

  1. Understands child’s preferences

A tutor should be able to understand your child’s weaknesses and strengths. As mentioned before, science is a very vast subject, so it is a possibility that your child might be weak in one of the fields.

So, look for a teacher that has the ability to interact as well as engage with your child’s difficulties. The internet classroom is secure enough to make the child confident of overcoming his problems. Make sure the tutor helps him in the process.

  1. Understanding approach

A tutor’s approach towards a student matters a lot. One method would be well-suited for a particular kid, but that might not be the case for another child.

For instance, one child may have difficulty in understanding, but another one has difficulty in framing the answer for the topic asked. Both of these students cannot be taught with the same approach.

So, if you want to choose a good tutor for your child’s specific needs, filter out reviews that the particular teacher has received in the past. This should be enough to help you make a decision.

  1. Tracking progress

And finally, the most significant reason parents choose tutoring is because they want their child to progress in academics. And the best way to achieve that is through frequent assessments.

The assessments can help children revise the previous lessons, which they seem to forget while moving ahead.

So, while selecting the tutor, go back and see how their past students have performed and their progress rate. That would give a good idea of whether it’s worth it or not.

Over to you…

A science tutor can change the way your child views science. Their patience and approach are sure to spark interest in that subject. So, go ahead and appoint an online science tutor today and secure the future of your child.

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