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The Best Online Tools to Generate Leads for Real Estate Agents

Generating leads is the holy grail for real estate agents. However, you can have hundreds of leads but if none of them convert into a sale, you have wasted your time. The quality of your leads is much more important in a competitive market. In this article, we are going to look at the best online tools for generating high-quality leads.

Before we begin, it’s important to point out that you need to set your budget early on in the process. Whilst it isn’t always necessary to spend a lot of money on lead generation, in general, the bigger your budget, the more quality leads you’ll get.

Take an intelligent approach to lead generation. Some online tools such as PPC or Facebook ads, will generate a lot of leads, which is great. But if you don’t have the time or the resources to maximize those leads, it could have a negative impact on your business.

Here is a broad selection of online tools to suit all budgets.

People Finder Websites

If you have no budget at all to work with, a data broker site like Nuwber is a useful tool.

These sites help you find people. So, if you have recently made a sale, type in the client’s name and address to see who lives in the same street/neighborhood. Targeted marketing to people living nearby could trigger a desire to sell.

Mention the sale price of the property you recently sold and let them know you have motivated buyers waiting. This strategy can be surprisingly effective.

Craig’s List

Budget sites like Craig’s List are useful. Try a low-spend PPC campaign targeting a few of the cheaper keywords. Direct your leads to a sign-up page where they can opt-in to newsletters and targeted marketing materials based on their preferences.

You can get away with spending less than $100 a month here.

Property Portals

Trulia and Zillow are where most buyers look when they want a new home.

It will cost more to advertise on these sites, but you can expect to generate a higher number of good-quality leads. For example, you can target your preferred zip codes, which boosts your chances of attracting the right caliber of buyer.

Build a Custom Site for Your Business

Without a custom site, it is difficult to build a successful brand and, in turn, generate high-quality leads. Cheap, generic websites won’t work anymore.

Customers need a reason to work with you over another agent, so make the right impression from the get-go. Hire a web designer to build you a stand-out website and fill it will great content.

High-quality photos, engaging text, and strong CTAs are all critical. This won’t be a cheap exercise, but it is definitely money well spent.

Google My Business

Google is the biggest search engine by a long stretch and when people want to buy/sell real estate, they generally look on Google first.

Unless you register a Google My Business account, you may as well be invisible. Create a business profile and make sure all the details are consistent with those on your website. Leads can then get in touch by calling, messaging, or visiting your office. 

Finally, don’t dismiss the power of social media. 69% of American adults use at least one social media site. If you’re not on Facebook or Instagram, you’re missing out.

For best results, a combination of all of the above will generate you some high-quality leads. Always measure your results when trying a new marketing campaign, so you can see what worked and what didn’t. Good luck!

Jeff Campbell