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Small Business Ideas and Opportunities to Make Money

I have a problem. Every time I look for a way to earn more money I find more and more possibilities. I am not exaggerating to enlarge the line, the methods are incredibly numerous.

Today, here are 12 ideas to start a new business and opportunities to make money. Nothing gets done overnight. It will take some work from you, but the possibilities are there.

If there’s one idea you need to keep in mind, it’s this: make other people’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and less stressful. An activity works because it answers a need, it solves a problem. What problems do you know how to solve? Here are some ideas:

Be a virtual assistant

Over $ 60,000 per year, this is what a good virtual assistant can earn. Tempting?

The sector is developing enormously with the fact that teleworking is generalized and that the Internet is less and less afraid of executives and managers. Just like the real office of personal assistant, the virtual assistant does everything you want him to do. You can entrust him with administrative tasks, simple documented procedures or elements specific to your business. The delegation is an art and if you are interested to be virtual assistant learn to understand and clarify the expectations of your customers!

Businesses are not the only ones to use remote assistants. Today, nomadic digital entrepreneurs, or infopreneurs, also need many services that can be delegated remotely as their business grows. And there are more and more of them! Meet them, identify their needs and see how you can help them, whether it’s by managing customer support, social media, administrative tasks of all kinds, etc.

Inspect used cars

In this area, concern is required. You can’t tell the health of the car you’re buying by just looking at it. Was she in an accident? Have the revisions been made as the seller says?

Why not start up a vehicle appraisal service? You can charge your clients $170, for a complete analysis of their vehicle and a precise estimate of the price they should pay. There is even a more complete formula offering a guarantee of several months. With the economy shrinking and the fact that buying a used car is much more economical than buying a new vehicle, it’s a safe bet that this type of service will develop!

Finding talent

Find talent and put them in touch with companies.

Competent people are rare and will continue to be so with the exit from the working world of a large number of seniors. Choose a particular field (usually the one you come from) and get in touch with the companies that are recruiting. Good recruiting is vital for a business. It is estimated that a recruitment error costs the equivalent of 3 to 5 years of salary to a company (deadweight loss, loss of opportunity, loss of confidence…).

Especially since it is not only large companies in the recruitment period that may be interested in this type of service. Entrepreneurs and investors alike are always on the lookout for a good address book.

I no longer count the messages I receive where I am asked if I can recommend a good broker, a good manager, a good craftsman, etc. When you need services and entrusting a job to the wrong person can be expensive (derail an investment, damage your reputation, and lose a client …), you are happy to call on someone whose expertise and the seriousness is no longer to be proven.

Do you know how to convince and how to search? This may be for you!

Offer accounting and tax services

Cash flow is pretty critical right now and companies need help raising and accounting for their money, and how to best navigate tax regulations. If you have any skill in this area, there is a lot that can be done to make life easier for businesses.

As with the previous idea, you don’t have to be an expert yourself. If you know how to find and organize skills in this field, you can go in search of competent people and thus multiply the companies to which you will be able to offer services.

Resume rewriting and job interview preparation

Economic conditions make access to jobs more difficult and having a well-written and structured CV is crucial. To have gone through a lot of CVs, I can tell you that it is a direct elimination criterion. The only purpose of a CV is to qualify you for the interview. There are many CV review or rewrite services available for applicants to showcase their skills and bring positive attention to their application. Why not launch yours? It is really a question of listening, of being able to understand a course and a person by the telephone and to transcribe it in an attractive way.

And if you have experience in human resources, why not consider extending the service to recruiting coaching? It is a service that can attract competent people who do not necessarily know how to showcase themselves or those who never manage to get past the stage of the first interview despite a good CV.

Fun activities for children (and parents)

The education sector for children is an area where many things are possible! Parents are always looking for original activities to occupy their children. If you are inventive and have a good knowledge of what appeals to children, you can create activities and delegate the animation to monitors, for example.

Host teleconferences on cutting edge topics

Here is another perfect business for the home.

Instead of continuing to have to travel, rent rooms, a catering service, and all the associated material logistics, why not offer teleconferences on a subject that you master and convince companies to pay you for it? Be careful, it is not a question of being the expert: you can know the experts and pay them for their intervention.

You can find companies that have legal, financial, or technical issues and want expert help. Gather these beautiful people and voila. This is an area where a company pays $700 to $1000 per day to train a person when it comes to traditional training.

Offer a lower price and the intervention of experts and put the odds in your favor!

Jeff Campbell