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2022 Ultimate Packing Guide When Traveling With a Baby

When was the last time you went on a vacation trip with your family? With all the major life events that happened to you, you deserve a break! Having a baby will change every vacation planning you’ve ever experienced so far. But it doesn’t have to be in a negative way!

Traveling with your baby is a beautiful way to create lasting memories! It doesn’t even have to be stressful as long as you’re prepared! You can start by reading this practical travel guide on what you’ll need when traveling with a baby. The packing part of travel is a huge make or break for your trip, so remember to take down notes!

This checklist will help you get ideas on what your baby will need during the trip. Your must-have items still depend on what you know is best for your baby. You can make this packing checklist your own by adapting and adjusting it to the needs of your little one! Our tested travel guide and checklist will make traveling with your baby a lot easier!

Documents and Paperwork

Traveling to another country means different policies that you must follow. Whether you’re driving, sailing, or flying, you’ll need to present various documents. Sometimes, parents can overlook the legal documents of their babies. But, often, these are the most important things you should remember for the vacation to happen!

Birth Certificate

Airlines differ in rules and regulations depending on where you are or where you’re going. For example, some airlines need you to present a birth certificate of the baby you’re traveling with. Although they don’t always check it, it’s better to prepare in case they do! We wouldn’t want your trip to get canceled because of a document left at home!

Baby Passport

As adorable as it sounds, a baby passport is crucial if you’re flying or cruising! It may seem silly to have a passport for someone who can’t even talk yet, but it is a must! To get a passport for your baby, both parents should be present. It’s a long process, so make sure you already have it by the time you leave for vacation!

Consent Documents

If you’re planning to go abroad without your spouse, it’s crucial to bring a written consent. Even if you’re not married yet, you’ll need this as proof. In other situations, you can also bring a death certificate or proof of sole custody. You will want to bring this to prove that you’re allowed to leave the country with your baby!

Emergency Funds

You will never know when you’ll need extra cash during the trip with your baby. It is best to be ready with it and be sorry should you end up needing it. If your trip is necessary and you have limited funds, you can borrow from a licensed cash mart lender for a while.

Travel Gear

So how do you bring your little one from one place to another? You’ll need certain baby transportation gears to make this happen! Many of your everyday baby travel gear are already perfect for your holiday needs. However, depending on your travel, you might need to invest in some items to make life easier!

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a huge game-changer when you’re walking around the airport! This is also the way to go when you’re visiting places that have a lot of stairs or uneven pathways. Having a baby carrier is a great way to keep you hands-free at times you need to be! You can move around and grab things while making sure your baby is safe and secure.

Car Seat

It doesn’t matter what type of transportation you’ll go with, a car seat for your baby is a must! For sure, every trip will need you to sit down on a vehicle at one point. It could be a car ride, a cruise, or an airplane, you’ll need to sit for a long time. But, you can use a car seat for your baby to have a safe and peaceful ride to where you’re going!


Even though you already have a carrier to take your baby from one place to another, a stroller will come in handy! Baby carriers can be heavy and uncomfortable for both you and your baby when outdoors. A stroller is a perfect way to go when you plan on having long walks outside!

Travel Crib

Going to new and unfamiliar places can stress your baby out! It makes it harder for them to feel comfortable enough to sleep. Bringing your portable travel crib can help your baby sleep so much better! The travel crib will give them the familiar feeling of sleeping at home.

Let your baby sleep on it before traveling. Set it up at home and let your baby use this for a few days when she sleeps or naps. The travel crib will feel more familiar since it’s used at home.


One of the more challenging activities with your baby is trying to feed them on the go! It is especially true if your baby has started the weaning phase. You’ll have to juggle between feeding breastmilk, bottled milk, and puree food! Depending on what your baby prefers, you can cross out items you won’t need.

The feeding part of the checklist has quite a lot of things, but it’s all necessary! Just because we’re on a trip doesn’t mean the quality of the meals for your baby should lessen. We want you to have an easy time feeding your child. But we also want your baby to get the quality feeding experience needed when it’s needed!


If your baby is on a formula diet, remember to bring the formula and its dispenser! It is easier to mix bottles of formula on the go. Not only that, but when it’s inconvenient to breastfeed, you can give your baby a formula drink instead! Feed or calm down your hungry crying child the easiest way.

Food Pouches

If you’re trying to introduce solid foods to your child, a food pouch will come in handy! There are times when you can’t whip out your baby feeding kit complete with a bowl and utensils. That’s when a food pouch will save you from having a headache during a holiday! All you have to do is open the lid and press on the pouch for the food to come out!


You could be anywhere during your vacation when your baby decides that it’s mealtime. If you’re feeding your baby on the go, the easiest way to do it is by using a feeding bottle! Babies can be picky when it comes to the bottles they use. The trick here is to stick with the same bottles you use at home!

Depending on how many bottles a day your baby uses, bring that much with one or two extra. You can spend the whole day traveling without washing any bottles. Then, you can go back to your place, and when it’s already convenient, you can wash the bottles there. If you want to travel light, you can bring a few bottles but remember to bring bottle cleaning materials!

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is useful when you have to breastfeed in public. If you feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, this will give you a sense of privacy! Whether you use one or not depends on your personal choice. But remember, a nursing cover doesn’t only function as a cover!

The cover can also shield your child from the wind or the sun while feeding. It can also help your little one to feel more comfortable since they cannot see distractions. If you want to put your baby to sleep in busy places, this can also be helpful!

Silicone Bib

During a meal in a restaurant or anywhere in public, it’s hard to control the mess your baby will make. Once they start eating solid food, it’s time to use the silicone bib! Like a regular bib, you can adjust it around the neck, and it’s made for catching the food mess your baby creates. But since a bib’s material is silicone, it has more functionality than a regular one!

A silicone bib is more effective when catching falling food from the mouth of your child. It’s also easy to clean when you’re on the go. All you have to do is wipe it or wash it in running water! The bib also saves your child from messing up their outfit of the day!

Health and Safety

The health and safety of your baby are a priority when traveling with them. As a parent, when it comes to your baby’s health, you want them to be in top shape! That’s why you have to prepare for when unpredictable things may happen!

As much as you don’t want your baby to get sick during a family vacation, it is still possible. The worst thing that could happen is you panicking while trying to find the nearest pharmacy. You can avoid this by bringing what you’ll need when situations like this happen!

Baby First Aid Kit

Some vacation places don’t have easy access to a drug store or a pharmacy. So it’s problematic when urgent events happen to your baby, and you need first aid right away! Keeping your first aid kit is a must when you’re traveling with your little one. Carry everything you know your child might need while on the go.

Prescription Medicine

It can be challenging when your baby has a medical problem that needs a specific medicine. When traveling, it’s a great idea to keep prescribed medication in your first aid kit! Remember to keep them in their original bottles for easy identification. It will also be helpful when security needs to check them for an inspection!

Mosquito or Bug Repellent

When you’re strolling outdoors, it’s hard dealing with mosquitos and bugs. Not only are they annoying, but they can also bite your baby! So choose and bring a mosquito or bug repellent that is safe to use for babies. Keep those little pests away from your loved ones.

Sunscreen Lotion

If you’re planning to head outside and stay under the sun for a long time, you better bring sunscreen! Protecting your child’s skin from the bright rays of the sun is extra crucial. Unlike adults, babies have sensitive skin that’s prone to severe burns. So applying sunscreen to your baby will help reduce the risk of developing skin cancer!

Clothing and Toiletries


Clothing is another essential item you shouldn’t forget when traveling with your baby! Make sure to prepare comfortable clothes that your child can wear throughout the day. Also, if you’re having a hard time choosing which clothes you’ll bring, think of the venues you’ll go to! Finally, bring clothing depending on how many days you’ll be staying and a few more extras.

Diaper Bag

You’ll need a bag for you to carry everything on this list. You can put extra clothing, items you’ll need for diaper changing, and more! It’s better to have a diaper bag since it’s more compact and portable. Also, this will allow you to leave the whole bundle of diaper packs where you’re staying!


You should bring diapers for your baby wherever you go. Nappies are essential when you have a baby! Bring depending on how many nappies your baby uses throughout the day. Remember to pack enough diapers for your whole holiday vacation!

Resealable Storage Bag

Resealable storage bags will come in handy in different circumstances. It’s better to bring various sizes so that depending on the situation, things you have to store will fit it! You can use this to store soiled diapers, wet clothes, or in case of a vomit incident. If you want, you can even use it for better organization of your things in the bag!


Carrying a small pack of baby wipes will be helpful for different things. Using baby wipes is the perfect on-the-go way to clean your baby’s bum! It is made for sensitive and delicate skin, so it doesn’t contain irritating chemicals. You can also use this for other things like wiping your hands or cleaning a few spills and messes!

Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Most hotels have their soaps and shampoo-freebies, but you can’t use that for your baby! Instead, you can bring your baby shampoo or baby soap in a small container. It’s preferable to do this since we have no idea what they use for the freebies. Bringing your own will ensure that you’ll use a formulated shampoo and soap made for infants.

Travel Tub

Bringing a travel tub depends on where you’ll be staying. If you think you’ll have a hard time trying to get access to a bathtub, you can bring a travel tub! Although it’s designed to be portable, a travel tub can still be quite bulky if you’re trying to travel light. So before you leave, make sure to check if a tub will be available at your destination!


As the parent of your baby, you are also their very first playmate! Playtime is a great way for you to bond with your child. It has a huge effect when it comes to building confidence, relationships, and skills. At least five to ten minutes of playtime already encourages healthy child development!

Since you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you can’t have playtime with your baby anymore. All you have to do is bring a few things that won’t even take up your suitcase space! Here are some essential playtime items you can get for your vacation!

Play Mat

Wherever you might be staying, it’s not sure if the floor is comfortable enough for your baby to play on. In cases like this, it’s better to bring a play mat for a pleasant playtime experience! A play mat is easy to bring since it takes very little space inside your suitcase!

Small Toys

Small toys are great to bring when going somewhere else with your baby! Keep the toys to the smallest since you want to travel light. You can pack three to five toys, and that would be enough for the whole holiday getaway! Remember to bring non-noisy toys like a silent rattle if your baby wants to play with it outdoors.

Favorite Plushie

Remember to bring their beloved teddy or plushie with you when you pack their things. This will not only serve as a play item during playtime but a cuddle buddy during bedtime! Having their favorite plushie will help them feel more familiar and comfortable. The plushie helps them fall asleep and have a complete slumber!


Every sleep or nap is essential for improving your baby’s mood and overall health. That’s why getting quality sleep while on vacation is very important for your baby! Unfortunately, trying to get your child to sleep while you’re in an unfamiliar place can be challenging. But there are a few things you can bring that’ll help them feel more comfortable when they’re trying to sleep!


Pacifiers are great for comforting your baby if they’re upset! Sucking on a pacifier helps them soothe themselves to sleep or even to a better mood. If you’re planning to ride a plane, a pacifier will also help when it comes to clearing their ears! Remember to bring their favorite and have spares in case the others drop to the floor.

Favorite Blankie

Why do we have to bring a blanket if we’re staying at a place with blankets already? Well, your child’s favorite blanket will give a feeling of comfort and ease to your baby! When they’re in unfamiliar places, they find it harder to adjust and be comfortable. Their favorite blankie will help them feel safe and secure wherever they sleep!

One of the most rewarding parts of traveling with your baby is watching them grow and learn from new experiences. It’s always a good idea to start out by reading our practical travel guide on what you’ll need when traveling with a baby. The packing part of travel can make or break your trip, so remember to take down notes!

This checklist will help you get ideas on what your little one may need during their trip and list some must-have items that are usually necessary for any family vacation. Remember to bring your emergency cash funds. You can borrow from a licensed moneylender in Woodlands to ease your mind. You can also tailor this checklist to fit your specific needs – just adapt and adjust it accordingly based on what would work best for you and your child’s situation.

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