Dangerous Apps that Child Predators Use: How to Keep Kids Safe with a Parental Monitoring App

With the evolution of technology and the internet, communication has been a lot easier. No matter, where you live and whom you want to connect with, everything is available online.

There are plenty of messaging apps that are not safe for kids. These apps are considered as a haven for predators and cyberbullies. Kids are not aware of the dangers of using these apps and therefore parents have to play a role in protecting them.

The apps are considered vulnerable to attacks and child molestation. Let us have a look at some of the apps that are not suitable for kids by any means. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is a free and live chatting platform with over 2000 various themed rooms including Gay Chat, Single Chat, Teen Chat, Dating Chat, General Chat and many more.

Chat Avenue offers public group chat, private chat and an option with cam streaming feature. The app contains a wide range of topics and discussion forums to suit everyone’s interests.

There is literally no restriction on age, gender or race. If your child is using Chat Avenue to keep busy, make sure to take strong action and uninstall the app from the device before it’s too late.


Wishbone is another app that is not safe for kids.

It is just like a survey app for users to choose between two things. The user can post any type of questions asking other people and friends to vote and get their feedback about a particular thing. Moreover, the dangerous part of the app is that it also includes a private chat features which possess a serious threat for children.

Anyone can start a conversation without knowing the identity. Wishbone covers various subjects including music, fashion, humor, and celebrities. The user can also vote on cards in the community feed.


The app is designed to offer people a platform where they can talk to strangers.

Without revealing the identity, the user can text chat or video chat with others. The website says that the user must be 13 years and must be approved by parents.

However, there is a section that contains 18+ material, which is not safe for kids. The drawback of this app is that it does not reveal the identity of others. Most of the kids would get trapped in the hands of the sexual predators and cyberbullies.

If you want to act as a responsible parent, make sure not to allow your kid to use Omegle.

How to Control with a Parental Monitoring App

Internet is not a safe place for kids and your kids are at higher risk of being a victim of cyberbully and predators. Make sure to control your kid’s behavior online by installing a Parental Monitoring App like FamilyTime.

The app comes with a number of features including blocking the apps, limiting screen time on both android and iOS and track calls and messages. The app is also a great way to enable internet filters to prohibit your child to access porn and other dangerous websites.

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