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6 Party Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding planning is no easy task, and your wedding entertainment is going to be a big part of the occasion. With so many different types of bands, performers, tablecloth linens, and entertainment to choose from it’s hard to know what is best to suit your specific occasion.

For that you can approach and have a wonderful wedding day.

To help you in your search for the most suitable wedding entertainment for your special day, we have put together a list of the most common party entertainment ideas for your wedding reception.

Without further ado, take a read below to find the top wedding accessories and reception entertainment ideas.

1. Band

A band is probably the most common type of wedding entertainment booked. Bands can be very versatile forms of entertainment and or a great way to include your guests in the entertainment.

What better way to celebrate your big day than to have a band play music from your favorite artists.

2. Fireworks

Fireworks are another popular option for entertainment for guests. Why not put on a fireworks display at night time and celebrate your love for one another underneath the flashing lights.

Make sure to book a professional fireworks artist, so you don’t need to worry about anything on the big day.

3. Cigar Bar

A cigar bar is a great option for guest entertainment if you are having an old Hollywood or Gatsby style wedding. Some people offer premium cigars, such as Davidoff cigars, or hire a professional to roll cigars during the wedding.
Complete the look with vintage boxes and cigar accessories.

4. Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fantastic way to entertain your guests. They also double up as party favors, if you are on a tight budget.

Guess can entertain themselves within the photo booth and take pictures with each other with the props supplied.

5. Disco

A disco is a popular option for weddings who would like some musical entertainment, but aren’t really into live bands. Book a DJ that comes with a disco ball and full stage lights for a creative and fun disco effect.

Better yet, book a wedding venue that has all of these things in place already and party away till the early hours of the morning.

6. Mind Reader Entertainer

If you are a very unique couple, who doesn’t like to follow tradition, then why not try something a little different for guest entertainment. Consider a mind reader entertainer who can go around to all your guest tables on the night.

A mind reader entertainer will showcase the skills and performance throughout the day. They will also include a bespoke mind-reading demonstration for the wedding couple. For more information on a mind reader, wedding entertainment specialist take a look at that link.

7. Don’t forget to ride away in style

No wedding reception is complete without a stylish getaway!

So don’t spoil your guests with a lavish party and drive home in your beater! A limousine will be the perfect exit strategy for your wedding. And the good news is a limo works for every wedding budget out there!

Use Limo Find to find the perfect limo for this or any occasion!

Party Entertainment Ideas for All Budgets

No matter what budget you have your wedding, it is a good idea to book some form of entertainment for your guests. We hope you enjoyed reading our top suggestions for party entertainment ideas for the night of your wedding.

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Jeff Campbell