Best Resources on Passing a Drug Test

Lots of people smoke or eat cannabis these days. And it’s legal in many places now too, at least medically. But some employers still frown on it, legal or not, and may occasionally drug test employers or new hires.

Unfortunately, that leaves many excellent employees feeling frustrated that they can’t use cannabis on their own time without being at risk of losing their job, even if they never use it at or before work or have it affect their work performance.

So here are your best resources to pass a drug test.

How long does pot stay in your system?

Of course, the question everyone wants to know is how long does weed stay in your system?

According to the Mayo Clinic, marijuana can be detected in urine in varying amounts depending on the frequency with which you use it. Here’s what they show:

  • Minimal usage (3 times per week max): Detected up to 3 days after last use
  • Moderate usage (4 times per week): Detected up to 7 days after last use
  • Regular usage (daily usage): Detected up to 15 days after last use
  • Heavy usage (3 or more times per day): Detected 30 or more days after last use

The way it works is that pot molecules bind to your fatty tissue. This makes it harder to pass through and out of your system, in the same way, people often struggle trying to shed fat.

Other sources:

Do employers check for marijuana when they drug test?

Yes. Generally, employers who drug test do check for marijuana in addition to harder drugs.

And I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, but how can they do that if it’s legal in the state where I live? The answer is that while it is legal in many states, at least for medical purposes, it’s still illegal on a Federal level.

Now the feds aren’t likely to raid someone who has pot for their own usage. But because it’s still technically a crime on a federal level, many employers still see it as a criminal activity even if it’s legal in that state.

And, of course, some employers are concerned about employee safety and possible impairment from being under the influence if they use heavy machinery or drive a company vehicle.

Do detox kits really work for passing drug tests?

Believe it or not, but detoxing kits do actually help people pass drug tests.

Detoxing is the process of removing toxins from the body and blood. Luckily, for pot users, detoxing from weed is pretty simple and easy compared to harder drugs such as heroin or meth.

While exercise that has you sweating a lot is probably the best way to detox your system from weed, detox kits can work really well too.

Detox kits work by using a combination of supplements and meal planning to naturally get rid of traces of toxins in both blood and urine in 5-10 days depending on how aggressive you get with it.

Don’t want to change your meals? Detox drinks are another great way to get the toxins out quickly, easily, and safely.

Final thoughts

In this article, we looked at the very real struggle that many cannabis users face; drug tests.

Even in states where it’s legal, some employers may still prohibit it and drug test employees or would-be employees. That doesn’t seem fair to many, so in this article, we looked at some proven ways to beat the system and pass a drug test, even if you’ve recently smoked weed or used cannabis in other ways.

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