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Educational environments have experienced lots of changes and revolutionary technology, especially in recent years. Starting in the olden days when people gathered to share knowledge, to today’s hi-tech co-working spaces for college students, communication is always key. It’s always important to keep the administration and students connected.

There is nothing unusual about the higher educational institutions’ desire to introduce technological advancements to improve communication between parties and create a more efficient study process. Today, every self-respecting educator knows how important it is to be up-to-date in Internet technology and master new skills as fast as possible. In most cases, such readiness to accept novelties defines the efficacy of a teacher in the classroom.

One of these crucial skills is the use of a Google Drive PDF editor. A Google PDF editor is a cloud-based program that allows users to edit PDFs effectively. The software has proven itself to be practical and a lifesaver for teachers, especially those who are virtually teaching. Let us examine what makes PDF editing software the best for educators.

Do more with a PDF editor

The most outstanding feature of a typical digital editing application is (of course) editing; you can do a lot with a file if you know which features to use. Utilizing the PDF online editor in Google Docs, teachers can do more with their material and the way they conduct their lessons.

In general, the lesson preparation process becomes smoother with the best Google Drive PDF editor.

There were times when teachers had to prepare tests and paper copies of said tests to examine children’s knowledge level. Students also spent lots of money on paper-based reports or scans of library books.

This lasted for longer than it should have but thankfully today, people have a perfect alternative — a digital version. As a result, the role of the Google Play PDF editor also has become more prominent.

The are four significant ways to benefit from the best editing software:

  • Turn reading materials into PDF files
  • Digitize important files
  • Merge or split the material
  • Annotate like a god 

Turn reading materials into PDF files

Throughout the year, there will be many tests, articles from periodicals, support materials, books, etc.

What a relief it is when you can just send one Google Drive link to all the students, noting which pages they should study. Everyone has access to the Internet and a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

It will be easier for students to keep all important sources in one folder on their desktop or Google Drive. If you have an especially wonderful website with lectures, you should be 100% sure that students can visit the website.

On the odd chance that they can’t, you can save a PDF version of the site! Press Ctrl+P and that’s it! You’re done!

Digitize important files

Tutors tend to be constantly improving their knowledge as well.

Imagine that you attended an international seminar or lecture. Naturally, you would like to share the newly-acquired knowledge with your children. Perhaps you have a book that includes facts and examples that are worth reading. If this is the case, you can take photographs to send to your students.

Such material distribution is not always as effective as you wish it to be, in most cases, due to the fact that the images’ quality can be disappointing.

Students prefer to use their smartphones for digital stuff and it can be even more depressing to open these low-quality images on a small screen. Thus, teachers must digitize photos.

With the appropriate software, you can make scans of the PDFs and then edit PDFs on iPhone, Google Drive, or use your PC to edit PDF in Google Docs. The built-in OCR option of the editing software allows turning a non-textual material into a full-fledged reading PDF material.

Students will love getting these digitized scans. They will be able to copy whatever they need and make notes anywhere in the document.

Merge or split the material

As previously mentioned, the amount of digital material will only grow every year.

A Google PDF editor can help you here as well. If you have several files that you want your children to read, you may combine them into one massive document. Do not hesitate in the PDF format — you can always compress it!

It is twice as helpful for virtual learners when they can store material on a specific subject in one document. You can add pages every time you create a new chapter with your learners.

There are Merge and Split features;  both will come in handy for teachers. Sometimes, you would like your students to pay attention to one particular chapter in the source.

You can split the bigger file into several parts and send the part that is critical for learners.

Annotate like a god

An online Google PDF editor helps to bring your annotating skills to a new level.

The idea of checking homework and carrying out online classes sounded strange when people began virtual learning. Some had no idea how to handle grading. Nevertheless, an online PDF editor demonstrates that a transition to e-learning provides more opportunities than available previously.

Tutors can leave their comments, ask follow-up questions, and write remarks within a work as they edit a PDF Google Drive Android.

Students can also edit PDF Google Drive iPhone to leave their replies in real-time. Using the highlighters or underlines, teachers can feel as if they are using their trusty red pen. The only difference is that the editing app is more collaborative than any other tool available.

The decision to start mastering the best PDF editor for Google Drive is a smart one.

Just think of how much time you can save when you have the opportunity to work and make edits from anywhere in the world and receive the students’ replies in a file that stores all the changes. Consider the features that best meet your requirements and see how a simple software can enhance your life and work process.

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