Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Ski Trip

If you are thinking of making the most of the winter weather in the upcoming months, one of the ways you can do this is by going on a ski trip with your family.

Skiing is an activity which can be fun for anyone at any age and it is something which can provide a relaxing break for everyone during the colder months. If you are planning to head off on a ski trip, today we have some simple top tips for you to follow.

1. Stay in a chalet

When it comes to choosing your accommodation for the trip, there is no better place to stay than a chalet on site near to the slopes.

The reason for this is that the price of a chalet includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner meaning that you won’t be spending any extra money during your stay. You will also have access to unlimited drinks most of the time so the cost-effectiveness of this type of stay speaks for itself.

2. Go all-inclusive

If you really want to save some money on your stay, in the long run, a great idea would be for you to go all-inclusive and have everything ready for you before you set off. This means you will have all flights and connections, the hotel, slopes, and food sorted from day one.

It will mean an expensive initial cost however it is more than worth it for what you get back in return.

3. Pack your lunches

When you head off in the morning for a day on the slopes you won’t be wanting to come all the way back to the chalet for lunch and then out again.

This will often mean that you end up buying something for lunch on the slopes themselves and these places can be expensive. This is why it can be helpful for you to instead pack a sandwich and some drinks before you head off. It will mean you can eat at any time and you don’t have to overpay for your grub.

4. Exchanging currency

Before you head off to Europe or wherever you like for your ski trip you will need to make sure that you change currency at your local shop or at the airport.

It is always a good idea to compare a few different exchange rates in the run up to your holiday to make sure that you are able to get the best possible price for your cash before you leave.

5. The slopes less travelled

When most of us think about skiing there is one place which immediate pops to mind and this is the Alps.

The Alps is a stunning area for skiing and it is no wonder so many of us flock there each year. However, there are other amazing locations you can visit to ski which won’t be as busy or expensive.

Eastern Europe and Andorra for example have some wonderful ski slopes which you can enjoy and they will be much less crowded which will allow you to have a more peaceful break. Take a look at some of the best rated areas and try somewhere new.

6. Be prepared for injury

Getting skiing injuries is common on the slopes and it will be especially common if you are newbies or you have children along with you on the trip.

We often end up falling over while skiing if the balance isn’t quite right and it is important that we are prepared with a plaster and some remedies if an injury does occur. Make sure to bring along a small first aid kit when you go out and then you know you have protection.

7. Book last minute

If you want to make a huge saving on a ski trip and you don’t mind the risk of it being short notice, booking last minute can be a great idea. In the run up to a holiday season chalets will always drop the prices of their stays to entice as many people into their accommodation as they can. You can take advantage of a deal this week and fly out next week!

8. Go at Easter

Although a lot of holiday resorts are busy during the Easter holidays because kids are off school, a lot of ski resorts tend to be a little more peaceful.

If you have kids and you want to save money on a holiday without having to incur a fine for taking them out of school, Easter is a good time to choose. This will allow you to save money and also be around less people.

9. Go by car

If there is a way for you to drive to your skiing destination, such as from the UK to France under the channel, this is much cheaper for you than getting flights and connections.

If you don’t mind being behind the wheel for a lot of hours, it will save you a ton of money and it means that you can start your holiday the right way.

10. Book direct

When we look at holidays most of us automatically visit travel agent websites and look for deals which they can offer us.

However because the travel agent is getting a commission for each booking and they are advertising each place, the prices are higher than if you booked direct. By all means, do your research on a travel agent site, but when it comes to booking a stay, call or book on their own website and you will save some cash.

11. Layer up

And finally, make sure you bring a LOT of layers with you on your ski trip.

You’ll want goggles to cover your eyes, a snood for your mouth and nose, coat for your body, thick trousers and socks and gloves… you get the picture. It is cold on the slopes and you will often run the risk of frostbite if you don’t cover up all of your body. Also, make sure to check out some of the best ski boot heaters.

Always bring more layers than you think you need.


Jeff Campbell

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