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4 Perks Associated With Being A Veteran In The United States

After returning to civilian life after serving in the military, you may not be aware of the various perks that are available to you. Here are some perks to get you started.

Veteran’s Pension Programs

As a veteran who has served their country who has returned unable to work, thus on a limited income, then you may qualify for veteran backed pension programs. Even if you are uninjured, you could qualify for these pensions if you reach a certain age bracket.

 You will qualify for these if you are discharged from service away from dishonorable conditions, and served for a specific amount of time. You will need to have served at least 90 days during active duty, as well as have a lower-than-average income, as set by law.

VA Backed Home Loans

One of the major perks associated with being a veteran post service is that you will be eligible for VA loans. These are loans which are only available to veterans, as backed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. These loans offer no down payments for home purchasing and more competitive interest rates on services such as refinancing.

Veterans could also use VA loans to seek assistance on repayment figures. This will allow them to get special structured plans. It’s important that veterans choose a lender that specializes in veteran loans, in order to get the best service possible. One such lender is Hero Loan, who deal with VA loans every day. You can consult them via their website to find out more about how they work and what you can get from it at

Educational Programs And New Job Training

It’s possible that as a veteran you are not yet ready to retire, with plenty more opportunities out there for some good honest work. That’s why it’s seen as another perk that you can gain more of an education with fees paid for to open more career doors.

These are known as a GI Bill benefit, which included payments of tuition and fees, as well as allowing for a monthly housing allowance and supplies up to 26 months. The GI Bill can trace its origins to World War 2, but has been revamped in recent years to offer up to date benefits for the latest generation.

Lower Costing Medical Care

There are veteran specified hospitals that will run courses and do one on one consultations for veterans. The Department of Veteran Affairs has a legal responsibility to provide veterans with adequate hospital care, including treatment, procedures, supplies and services.

This means that veterans will be able to look into VA programs that lead to lower health care costs, as well as more specific veteran programs, such as injury from service. If you are a veteran, you should speak to the VA department to find out what your options are, and where you are eligible to get care.

Jeff Campbell