Basic Guidelines on Pet Insurance

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We give our pets the best meals we can afford, a roof over their heads and a comfortable pet to sleep in. We also bring them for regular walks to ensure they are happy and healthy, so why not go one step further and purchase pet insurance. Many people think pet insurance is difficult to understand, but if you choose the right company, they’ll be able to provide a plan that works for you.

What is Pet Insurance?

Before we talk about pet insurance, it is better to explain what it is. it helps you pay your veterinary bills if your pet gets sick or injured. You’ll find that some policies chip in on routine checks, though it is usually most helpful when it comes to unforeseen accidents or illnesses.

For example, if your dog is diagnosed with cancer and you don’t have pet insurance, your treatment costs could run into the thousands. Having pet insurance means you are covered for all eventualities. A major problem such as ACL surgery or a hip replacement could decimate your personal savings if you aren’t covered by pet insurance.

How Much Will Pet Insurance Cost?

This is one of the first questions asked by pet owners, they want to know how much they’ll have to pay to cover their beloved pets. When it comes to cost, there isn’t really a simple answer, it all depends on the type of policy you take out. Just like your own health insurance, pet insurance isn’t free. But you’ll be surprised to find that it is often a lot more affordable than human health insurance. In some circumstances, you can find pet insurance for as little as 20 dollars a month.

Can Any Pet Get Insurance?

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance because it is assessed depending on a number of factors. Two of the main factors used to assess pet insurance claims are age and past medical history. You’ll often find that not all pet insurance companies will cover all pets, and some will offer cover for an astronomical price.

For example, if you have a certain breed of dog which is over 10 years old, a pet insurance company won’t provide cover due to serious pre-existing conditions. The best way to get quality, affordable pet insurance is to buy a policy when your pet is young before anything goes wrong.


When looking at pet insurance, you should speak to companies about their policies and what they cover.

You’ll want to know exactly what the take care of when it comes to your pet’s health. Most insurance policies in Australia exclude certain things such as pregnancy, grooming, behavioral problems, and pre-existing health conditions.

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