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Pierre Hourlier Wines, The UK’s Choice for French Wine


Great wine merchants abound in the UK, especially those focused on French wine. After all, the UK has had an affair with French fermented grape juice for centuries — the country is undoubtedly home to some of the most demanding palates.

And although sourcing French wine is easier than ever, not all wine merchants curate their portfolios to reflect France’s dynamic wine scene. Pierre Hourlier Wines does just that; we offer an extraordinary selection of French wine from major wine regions and smaller appellations. What matters most for Pierre is not the wine, but the people behind it. 

What all wines in Hourlier’s catalog have in common is passion-driven people taking care of the process, from the vineyards to your doorstep. Here’s the story behind Pierre Hourlier Wines and how it has become the expert’s choice for fine French wine in the UK — your source of wine made with passion and authentic ‘savoir-faire.’ 

From a Local Wine Store to a National Retailer

Pierre Hourlier Wines started out small, opening the doors to his still-operating wine store in Melbourne, Derbyshire, six miles from the M1 and a stone-throw away from extraordinary National Trusts, including the regal Melbourne Hall and the Calke Abbey. 

Opened in 1975, Hourlier Wines began offering a small selection of wines to the good folks of Melbourne, but unlike other retailers, Pierre Hourlier didn’t bet on popular wine grapes or renowned estates; he instead focused on a young generation of independent French grape growers. 

Being French himself, Pierre Hourlier cultivated relationships with extraordinary people in the wine world for forty years. These partnerships, or better said, authentic friendships, paid off throughout the years. Today Hourlier’s catalog is a collection of fascinating people tending the most beautiful vineyards all around France. 

“Our aim has been to offer the discerning UK consumer a variety of the finest wines from quality, small independent wine producers,” — Pierre.

At Hourlier, each bottle has a unique story to tell, and the intimate nature of such recollection of stories became Hourlier’s now-prized catalog. With the rise of the Internet and with Pierre’s son, Jean-Pierre, joining the family business, Hourlier Wines envisioned a future in which the merchant firm could share all the vinous secret gems collected throughout the years with the entire nation — Hourlier Wines Store went online, and the rest is history. 

Hourlier Wines was highly commended as Specialist Merchant of the Year at the International Wine Challenge 2018. They’ve mastered the art of procuring wine from the most prodigious winemakers in France and the skills to deliver it in pristine condition to your doorstep. 

Don’t Buy Wine, Buy the Story Behind It

Hourlier Wine’s Catalogue is history in the making. Every bottle has a passionate family behind it, and it’s these stories that make wine much more enjoyable. Here are just a few stories you can literally pour in your wineglass and savor. 

When Eric Fabre quit his job as technical winemaker in Chateau Lafite Rothschild, he purchased a small estate, Chateau d’Angles in La Clape, Languedoc. His Premier Cru Classé experience allowed him to climb the ranks as an up-and-coming star in Southern France.

Brother and sister Pierre and Veronique took over Domaine Boudau in 1993 from their parents and took the estate to new heights with sustainable farming and superb winemaking skills, becoming celebrities in Rivesaltes. The region’s sweet wine is back in vogue.

The 5th generation Casters family make Champagne in intimate quantities, and they’re Champagne connoisseurs’ biggest secret. If you think Champagne is all about the large Maisons, think again. Farmers’s fizz is simply extraordinary. 

Vasco and Sonia recently purchased the famed Domaine Chamfort in Sablet, Rhône, and are giving new life to the Valley’s esteemed red wines. Critics are just discovering the wonders coming out of the couple’s cellar, and you can find them in Hourlier Wines catalog. 

These are a few of the many partnerships and friendships we’ve procured through the years; stories you’ll find in Hourlier’s catalog and that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. 

A Sustainability Commitment 

Hourlier Wines is committed to sustainability. Preserving the environment has been our firm’s priority since day one, even back in 1975!

This means we support grape growers and winemakers that take care of their plot of land, preserving it for posterity. Sustainable practices, organic and biodynamic farming are more than a way to protect the vineyards’ natural balance, but they also show in the wine.  

We play our own role and commit to using sustainable and secure packaging in all our wine orders. We use 100% recyclable air-inflatable packs, repurposed paper pulp packaging, and deliver wine in our own vehicles in the most eco-geographical way possible. 

The least we can do to honor the wineries going to great lengths to be sustainable is reducing our own carbon footprint as wine merchants. 

A Patreon of Wine Knowledge

Wine is much more enjoyable when you know more about it. That’s why at Hourlier Wines, we’ve developed detailed and original wine resources about wine regions, appellations, producer profiles, and wine grapes. The information allows our customers to learn about their favorite wine and make informed purchases.

From wine and food pairings to the wine styles produced in every appellation in France. This ongoing effort has allowed us to share our passion for fine wine with our customers, creating a community of wine lovers and enthusiasts. At the core of Hourlier Wines is our relationship with grape growers on the one hand and our engaging community on the other. 

Join the Hourlier Wines Community

Hourlier Wines is your go-to online and on-site merchant for fine French wine, a reliable source for wine knowledge and a window to the wonderful world of craft-winemaking and the people behind it. 

Feel free to browse our wine catalog, follow Hourlier Wines on social media and join the conversation. When it comes to wine, what matters is the people sharing it — from grape growers to the consumer, we’re all a big family.









Jeff Campbell