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Planning for Your Family’s Financial Future in Missouri

Every parent wants their family’s future to be secure. One of the easiest ways to do this is by getting a handle on your finances as soon as possible. However, this is easier said than done and if you’ve never been the best at managing your money, you could be in for a challenging time. This blog has a few solid tips that can help families in Missouri feel more confident in their financial future, but the real change will come from your actions, of course.

Make sure your taxes are in order

If you’ve recently moved into the area or are planning to start a small business, you’re going to need to apply for your tax ID number in Missouri. Once that’s out of the way, make sure you’re keeping consistent records of all your income and expenses, as you will need to pay a state income tax of up to 5.4%, as well as any other sales and property taxes that might apply to you. By keeping track of how much you owe to the IRS, you’ll be able to use your family’s money more wisely. Failing to know how much tax you need to pay could put your loved ones in a sticky situation when you end up dipping into your savings to cover the bill.

Buy property

Even if you already have your own home, it can be a good idea to buy an investment property for the future. The Missouri real estate market currently favors buyers, with low house prices that are significantly less than the USA average. This means that if you don’t have much capital to invest in real estate, it will be much easier to get your foot on the ladder. Over time, the price of the home you own may increase, allowing you to pursue even more lucrative investment opportunities in other states. Real estate is one of the best gifts to give your children, as this will help them feel more secure as they grow older.

Open a savings account for your children

Regardless of whether your children head off to college in the future, having a savings account for them will help them to have a lot more stability as they reach adulthood. However, it’s also important to teach your children how to manage their money. The Bank of Missouri actually has special savings account for young people under the age of 18, which your child can manage. This helps youngsters to learn how to save money, especially if they have a part-time job or are given an allowance. Children who never learn how to manage their money will struggle as adults when they first receive an income – especially if they don’t know how much things cost in stores.

There are lots of things that can impact your family’s financial future and sometimes money will be out of your control. However, taking steps like the ones listed above can put you all in a much better position than you started in.



Jeff Campbell