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7 Popular Collectable Items

comic books and collectables

Most people enjoy collecting certain items either because they are valuable or because they’re special in one way or another. Here are seven of the most common items you can start buying as of today to start building up an impressive collection.

Car Figures

Model cars are popular collectible items that look great on display in any home. If you have a favorite type of car, but you can’t find the real deal anywhere nearby, you can opt for a model of this car instead.

Classic Cars

If you have the storage space and the money to spend collecting classic cars, you can find some great deals online. Focus on cars that are either no longer produced or that are rare to come by in the modern-day. Maybe you want an old Rolls Royce or old-school Chevrolet. Whatever your favorite manufacturer, you can soon become the proud owner of a classic car or two! Of course, maintaining old cars takes a lot of work and you could potentially end up sending a lot of money on repairs and car part replacements, but it’s worth the investment if cars are a true passion of yours.


Stamps are one of the more obvious options when it comes to starting a collection. Although it seems like an outdated hobby, it’s still popular today. You can collect stamps from across the world to take a dive into the incredible history and culture of other countries.


If there was a specific comic series that you used to love reading as a child, try finding some copies of these comics online. There are many series and back issue comics that are no longer sold, and, as a result, their value has skyrocketed. Be careful with the prices you are paying as you build your collection. Any minor markings or scuffs can drastically reduce the value of comic books.

Retro Video Games

Is there a video game you used to play all the time as a child? If so, take a look online and see if you can find them to start a collection. Even if you never intend to play the games, you can display them proudly in your room.

Vinyl Records

Since vinyl records are a thing of the past, they can be worth a lot of money and they make the perfect collectible item. You can lay them out on your sideboard or hang them up on the walls as part of your interior design. If you have a favorite artist, see if you can start collecting vinyl records of all of their albums.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture might look old and worn, but don’t dismiss it! If you spot a vintage clock or a tatty chair, it might be worth a fortune. You can buy antique furniture for functional purposes or collection purposes only. If you’re unsure how much a piece is worth, take it to a local antique dealer and they will be able to give you an estimated figure so you don’t end up overpaying.

Jeff Campbell