Blogging 101: Why You Should Post on Linkedin

The reward of sharing your ideas for money is second to none. Successful bloggers begin to profit when they’ve built a large following and great business connections.

With more than 30 million active bloggers in the United States, getting readers to notice your blog can seem impossible.

Enter LinkedIn. A professional social media platform designed to help you make a professional connection and share ideas.

Posting on LinkedIn gives you access to more than 250 million readers each month. That’s 8 times the number of active bloggers online.

Let’s review the top reasons to post on LinkedIn to gain a following for your blog.

Self Promotion is Welcome

Everyone on LinkedIn has the opportunity to share a resume of their accomplishments. Adding your professional history adds clout to your blog posts.

Include where you went to school, awards received and professional certifications. Each piece of information you include connects your profile to a group.

Think carefully about the job title and company you choose because it will appear next to each blog post. You may work as an Uber driver now, but if your blog is about bookkeeping it’s best not to reveal your current job title.

Instead, consider “Blogger” or “Freelance Writer” as these job titles do not take away from your credibility.

People Want to Connect

LinkedIn users cannot be successful on the platform without connections. LinkedIn connections allow you to get introduced to other people and companies. For example, if you want to contact a recruiter at Microsoft, a quick search shows which of your connections can make an introduction.

The process of promoting your blog is much easier when other users on a platform do not have to be convinced to connect with you. Connections become an instant audience for your blog. Whenever you publish a post, your connections receive a notification. Notifications may come by email or timeline or both.

Whenever a connection likes or comments on your post, their connections also see your article. This makes LinkedIn one of the best opportunities to reach an exponential number of people with the least amount of effort.

Get Featured

The LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing platform that allows writers to have their work featured on the home page. If you’re a consistent LinkedIn user, you know that articles that pop up on your timeline are usually where you start reading.

Why? The content is always of high quality because these articles are vetted by LinkedIn Editors.

To have your content considered, distribute top quality posts on a regular basis. Review topics currently on the home page to get an idea of what entices editors.

Are the subject lines provocative? Do the articles share personal experiences or do they read like research papers? Take this opportunity to learn from your competitors while improving your writing skills.

Barack Obama Can Help Promote You

Well, Barack Obama’s influencer posts can help you promote your blog. Influencers include proven thought leaders within an industry like Jeff Bezos or Sir Richard Branson.

Influencer posts are amongst the most popular content on LinkedIn. These posts attract the most reader engagement through likes, shares, and comments.

Add an insightful comment to the discussion to associate yourself with the Influencer’s brand. The visibility of your comment is instant exposure.

Be sure any facts you present are well researched. The stakes are significantly raised when thousands of people can see your comment. Bad data can reduce the credibility of your blog.

Private Messages

Once you are connected on LinkedIn, you can send your connections invitations to join groups or private messages. Use private messages to promote new blog posts.

You can share by creating a new message or using the blog editor. LinkedIn’s blog editor has a share feature that allows you to direct message your content to connections.

Though you can add more than one connection to the message, there is a limit. Consider creating a targeted list first to cut back on time.

Choose connections who find your content relevant. Sending out irrelevant information can lead connections to flag it as spam.

Start a Club

Bloggers with a niche topic may opt to start a group on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups are generally focused on specific interests like jobs or hobbies. The benefit of starting a group is that you lead each discussion as moderator.

Promote your new group to existing connections to gain members. If you are new to LinkedIn, promotion to contacts in your address book might be the best place to start. Draw group members to your posts with descriptive headers or requests for feedback.

The goal of a group isn’t to promote yourself directly. Think of yourself as hosting a party.

You are there to help your members enjoy their experience in the group. All posts should be relevant and helpful. Consider these tips when brainstorming topic ideas for your group.

Join a Club

No time to promote a new group on LinkedIn? Join one of the 1.5 million existing groups and get active.

The best groups give you the opportunity to promote your ideas in a thoughtful way. Engaging topics and high participation give you a ripe audience for sharing.

Find groups with recent posts that have a high number of comments. If the last post was more than a month ago, steer clear of this group. You want the chance for daily or weekly interactions with other members to build a strong reputation.

It’s Time to Post on LinkedIn

Now that you understand the top reasons to post on LinkedIn, it’s time to get started. The platform is free and the opportunity for promotion is plenty. Post content you’ve already written or start with something simple like a poll to make connections interact with you.

Before publishing your first post, audit your profile to make sure it promotes skills that would best represent your blog. Choose a professional looking headshot for your profile picture.

Make the right impression and your blog will soon attract partners and sponsors. Check out my website for more information on turning your blog into a business.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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