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Practical Tips To Choose The Right Baby Formula

It’s hardly a secret that breastfeeding is the best option because it’s natural and healthiest for infants. However, deciding on the best source of nutrition for your baby is a bit more complicated than you might think.

There are so many situations when breastfeeding is not an option for parents. In some situations, the birth mom can’t produce milk. In other cases, the infant might be adopted, and in others, moms might sway against breastfeeding for their own valid reasons.

So, whatever the reasons are for choosing baby formula over breast milk, we’ve listed some valuable tips to help you.

Baby Formula Type

If you need to choose formula for your baby, you might be overwhelmed at first by the seemingly endless number of product options on the shelves. First, you’ll notice an infinite range of brand names; then, you’ll find some brands have multiple different formula types, from powder mix and liquid concentrates to pre-mix products. You’ll also find that baby formula is either made from cow’s milk or soy, while others are specialty or even organic. If you are not sure which formula brand to choose please visit, their team of experts would surely help you with finding the best suitable formula for your little one.

Consult Your Pediatrician

The best approach is to consult your pediatrician to determine which particular baby formula product is right for your little one. With expert guidance from a medical professional, you can formula feed your baby with peace of mind.

Consider Brand Reputation

Even with your doctor’s recommendation, it’s also wise to look into baby formula brands with a bad reputation; Similac and Enfamil are cows-based baby formula products that are known to cause enterocolitis, a condition that causes inflammation and intestinal problems. NEC lawsuit cases have emerged as a result of the damaging effects of these baby formulas.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions Carefully

Once you have chosen the best formula for your baby, you’ll still need to ensure you are using the product correctly. Common baby formula mistakes include overfeeding, carelessly switching formulas, preparing bottles in advance, and not following the preparation instructions correctly.

If the preparation instructions read to pour one level scoop of formula into 125ml of boiled and cooled water, it’s essential to do so. If you add the formula first, you might end up with clumps of powder. Moreover, if the water measuring is incorrect, your little one could end up with an upset tummy.

Don’t Switch Formula Products Unnecessarily

Because all baby formula products are not the same, it’s not wise to switch products for no reason. Unless your trusted pediatrician has recommended a formula switch, it’s best to keep to the same product.

Even though you can substitute formula products in an emergency, doing so unnecessarily will upset your little one’s digestive system. Moreover, it’s also wise to consult your pediatrician about a suitable emergency substitute option beforehand.

Baby formula is an incredible product development that’s helped countless infants grow into healthy young children. However, it’s imperative to choose the right product for your baby; making this decision without expert medical guidance would be gambling on your baby’s health.


Jeff Campbell