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Predicting the Denver Broncos Season Using Vegas’ Lines

The Denver Broncos is a team that plays for the NFL with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. It was established back in 1959 and had its first season the following year. The team has won 15 division championships, eight conference championships, and three league championships. The Vegas’ lines can help predict the likelihood of this team winning this season.

What are Vegas’ lines?

Vegas’ lines are also known as Vegas betting lines. Las Vegas is known as the heart of gambling, and bookmakers from the Sin City create odds that determine which are the favorites and the underdogs. The favorites are the teams that are expected to win, while the underdogs are the ones that the bookmakers believe to lose. Other bookmakers and sportsbooks often base their lines on those of the bookmakers from Vegas, which is why it’s called Vegas’ lines.

Here’s an example of a betting line and how to read it.

301        Broncos               -8           -500      40

  • 301 is the rotation number – this is the number that the bookmaker assigns to a team to make betting less confusing, especially that various cities have different teams.
  • Broncos is the team name.
  • -500 is the money line – the amount you need to wager for that team.
  • -8 is the point spread – the one with the “-“sign is the favorite. The team needs to win by 8 points against their opponent, so you can win the bet.
  • 40 is over/under – it’s the total number of points that the two teams are predicted to make.

Betting for NFL using lines

There are three types of betting that a Colorado sportsbook and sportsbooks in other areas offer.

Line betting

You can bet on the favorite or underdog. For example, Broncos is -8, and the Vikings is +8. If you bet on the Broncos, they need to win the game, and their score must be 9 or more points higher than that of the other team for you to win. If their score is 8 points higher, you get your money back. However, even if they win, but the difference in the score is only 7 points or lower, you still lose. If you choose the underdog, they need to win the game or lose by six points or lower for you to win the bet.

Moneyline betting

Like the line betting, money lines also designate a “-“sign for the favorites, and a “+” sign for the underdogs. You will choose the team to win, and your winnings will depend on the amount wagered. The wagering amount for favorites is higher with a lower price, while the wagering amount is lower for underdogs with a higher prize. It’s because there is a higher probability of the favorites winning. For example, Broncos is -200, and the Vikings is +200. It means that you need to wager $200 for Broncos, and you get $100 if the team wins. Betting $100 on Vikings will give you $200 if they win.

Total betting

Bookers will give the total points that they predict the two teams will make in the entire game. So, if they expect 40, you can then bet if the final score will be higher or lower than that.

The lines may change as the actual game nears due to various factors, including injuries and change of line-ups. Also, there might be differences in the odds from one sportsbook to another, so be sure to look around to see your best options.


Jeff Campbell