How to Stop When You Want: Premature Ejaculation Treatment

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Congratulations! We are happy to see that you are interested in the topic and finding care for a problem that worries you probably for some time already. This article tends to give you the ABC of premature ejaculation and inform you of possible remedies.

The first thing to remember is that you are not alone, and premature ejaculation or PE happens often.

At least 1 in 3 US males aged 18 to 59 years old have problems with premature ejaculation according to the Urology Care Foundation. Regardless of being a widespread condition, PE has proved to be highly treatable if effectively and professionally managed.


Of course, only doctors (sometimes also with the help of psychologists and psychotherapists) can diagnose and cure premature ejaculation, but you can also test yourself based on your history of sexual relations.

Men with PE tend to have issues with controlling their ejaculation and, as a result, can engage in shorter sexual intercourse compared to the average duration. Most men can prolong the sexual act for 12 minutes on average, while men with PE will last for less than 2 minutes with having weak or no control over their ejaculation.

Important: partners should consider PE as a problem only when it affects both of them, leaving them unsatisfied and causing stress and anxiety.

That is why we encourage you to discuss the issue with your partner before applying for help to get your significant other’s feedback and give your physician as much information as possible.

What Can Cause PE?

First, you should also be aware of the fact that PE can be either a lifelong condition, which shows up during the very first sexual intercourse or acquired during your life based on emotional or medical factors. Generally speaking, several factors can cause PE.

According to the specialists from Vityl Men’s Health Clinic, we can divide them into two groups: psychological and physical. An overly sensitive phallus, levels of certain hormones, and weak pelvic muscles can back up PE, with hypogastric nerves controlling the emissions and hormones being responsible for the ejaculation timing.

In hand with psychological issues, like anxiety, depression, stress, guilt or relationship and communication problems, these factors contribute to the formation of this condition.

How to Stop Stopping When You Do Not Want To

We have slowly approached the most important part of our article – the treatment.

As you may have already guessed, doctors treat PE as a complex condition, meaning that the treatment takes into account both the physical issues and psychological causes.

Also, physicians can customize your treatment plan based on the type of PE you are suffering from, the cause(s), the level of severity of the condition, and your personal preferences so make sure to voice them.

The tactics to cure or effectively manage PE include a wide range of methods: psychosexual psychology, a clinical treatment that includes oral and topical creams, behavioral methods, and working with a sexual health doctor to tailor the treatment plan to your individual circumstances.

Where to Apply and What to Expect?

Please bear in mind that not all men are permanently cured of PE, but with the right doctors and effective monitoring the condition becomes highly treatable.

To cure or manage PE, you can apply to the specialists at Vityl Men’s Health clinic to safely diagnose your condition and come up with an individual treatment plan.

The patients of this clinic have testified for the effective treatment and also observed improvements if combined with psychosexual therapy. Also, if you are fond of natural remedies, the naturopaths and dieticians of the center will help you take up healthy and nutritious eating habits, as the optimal levels of vitamins, Zinc, and Magnesium have shown to benefit the treatment.

Now you know the most important facts about PE, what can cause it, and how to cure it.

Besides, we were kind and shared with you the secret address of the clinic that can provide you with quality help to control your condition and your ejaculation. We are sure that you will succeed in your treatment to feel healthier and enjoy your life with your loved one. Good luck!

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