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5 Steps To Protect Your Business From Premises Liability Claims

Being a property owner or manager is already a stressful enough position as it is, and the last thing that should be the least of your worries is a personal injury claim filed against your business for negligent conditions. The most effective method that can be used to avoid a premise liability lawsuit is to observe problem areas in your building to prevent potential accidents from happening.

This can be achieved by establishing policies for safety and procedures so you can be prepared. As the proprietor of your establishment, you have a duty to maintain your premises safe by identifying conditions that pose a danger and taking steps to eliminate those hazardous conditions.

One very common hazardous condition is a wet floor without a wet floor sign, this is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Trip and fall accidents can stem from these situations and can leave your business susceptible to a lawsuit for failure to show the present danger. But there are several ways to prevent your business from ever being sued.

Have Your Property Routinely Inspected

You can earn peace of mind by having your place of business or building routinely checked by licensed professionals in the following areas:

Structural – An inspector that ensures the structural integrity of a building, or certain sections of a building, this professional will be able to detect areas that may need improvement and will identify sections of the building that display a present danger and can offer the appropriate steps to remedy the issue.

Electrical – Contracting an electrical engineer can also be helpful in checking faulty wiring or places where electrical systems are near people. They can make sure there is no danger of electric shock.

Plumbing – A professional plumber can be of great help to make sure pipes are in good health and are not corroding away, this person can give you confidence that water is flowing through the building in a safe manner without any leaks.

Maintenance – Having an on-site maintenance staff is vital for your property to stay in tip-top shape, a maintenance department can keep a building clean and free from debris.

Provide Employees with a Safe Work Environment

Going to a job that has a safe and comfortable work environment is essential for employees to be productive and to do meaningful work. In addition, employees will not need to worry about the conditions of their work environment, whether it’s in an office setting, or in a factory, employees should feel safe at their place of work, and if they do, it is very unlikely that a premises liability lawsuit will be filed against your business.

Stay Committed to your Legal Duty of Care

Many states require a property owner to display a reasonable degree of care in the maintenance of their property. This means all who enter the property should be rendered a reasonable amount of care to ensure their safety.

Keep an Experienced Lawyer on Retainer

The unexpected can happen and it can occur at any time without warning. That is why it’s imperative to have an experienced lawyer on retainer just in case someone files a premise liability claim against your business. In regard to legal matters, having a lawyer on standby can directly assist you in the whole process.

Carry Insurance Coverage Just in Case

As a business owner or the person managing a property, if you suspect a premise liability claim heading your way, having insurance coverage can significantly reduce the financial consequences that usually come with a lawsuit settlement. There are several types of premise liability insurance that can cover slip and falls and other accidents related to bodily injury.


Jeff Campbell