Top Tips To Prepare You For The Big College Move 

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The application process is done, and the anticipation of which university you will go to is over. All that’s left is to have some fun at home and be patient for college to start. 

College is an exciting change and you can’t seem to wait. Everything will be different and new. So, a bit of nervousness is only natural. However, you can ease out the transition by getting to know a bit about college beforehand and taking small steps towards the preparation.

So, here are some ways to make preparing for college a breeze and your waiting period a bit more productive: 

Start throwing away what you don’t need early on

You don’t need to pack until there is a week left for your decided moving out date. However, you can get a headstart on packing by recycling, donating or throwing out things you won’t be needing. This doesn’t have to be too much work, though.

Reserve a corner in your closet and whenever you find a top in your closet that you won’t be taking with you, keep it there.

This way, all you would have to do later is to empty out that corner and toss it in the recycling box. Do remember that throwing or taking aren’t your only options.

Keep some things such as extra clothing and childhood mementos at your home or in storage. You can choose to hire pods moving and storage as a solution to this.

Search for the stores

Moving out to a college, especially one that is out of the state, can land you in familiar territory. Moreover, many colleges are situated away from the city in rural areas.

So, you may have to travel a bit to get your favorite snacks or even household items.

It is, hence, better to open your browser and search for your preferred big box store near the area beforehand. You can also map the distance and time it would take to reach there.

This exercise over the internet will also help you pack efficient as you would know exactly what you won’t find there.  

Talk to current students

While everyone is aware of the basic curriculum and structure of their course, it is better to speak with current students about their daily schedule as well.

Do they find some time for themselves?

Or are they jam-packed completely? Another advantage of talking to someone who is already studying at the university is that they will often tell you the tips and tricks to make it, such as the hangout spots and the best professors.  

Know the job opportunities available for before you leave

College is unfortunately quite expensive, and many students take up part-time jobs to help out with the expenditure.

There are several opportunities to work both on-campus and off-campus like tutoring, serving at a cafe and apprenticeship under professors.

Since there are many students on the lookout for them, it will be useful to know what kind of job opportunities are available before you arrive on campus.

Prior information will save you some time once you’re there and give you a chance to be an early applicant at your preferred job.   

Don’t forget an overnight bag

Setting up your room can be very time-consuming and may not finish in a day. You don’t want to sleep in your dirty clothes because you forgot to open the box with the nightsuit. An overnight bag will be your savior.

Pack your essentials and everyday items in it, and take your own time to unpack your stuff and arrange the room. 

Create an unpacking series

Another way to avoid the said nightsuit situation is to label your boxes not only by their contents but also their importance.

Pack your essentials in one box and mark it as ‘1’ or ‘A’, pack your important but not essential things next and mark the box as ‘2’.

Continue this with all your boxes and this way when you reach your room, you will know precisely what to unpack and arrange first. Choose movers in Fairfax, VA, to make your move even more efficient.

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