Preparing Your Home Nursery: A First-Time Guide

For all you expectant parents out there, if you find yourself obsessively cleaning and reorganizing your furniture, you’ll be happy to hear that you’re not the first ones to experience the chaos that is nesting.

We know all too well how tricky it can be to make sure you’re harnessing those motivated nesting instincts for good. So for those confused first-time parents out there, follow this guide for perfecting your nursery.

Nursery furniture

Aim to shop at places like this baby store in Melbourne, which sports a great variety of change tables, cots, rockers, drawers, and the like, in a consistently complementary set of colors and styles.

With a consistent assortment of furnishings available to you, you’ll have fewer chances to select a kooky armchair that’s guaranteed to clash in any room it’s placed in. And when it comes to nursery design, less is always more.

Dads usually prefer large comfortable nursery gliders, I know I do!

It should also be said that by securing your furnishings before decorating, you’ll be able to develop the basic floor plan of your nursery from the get-go, which will greatly simplify the whole process of putting the room together through instant compartmentalization.

As soon as you’ve got your furniture in place and know full well what’s going where that’s when the fun can really begin.


Decorating a nursery isn’t just about creating a harmonious and comforting space for your child. It’s also about providing your baby with stimulating surroundings.

Think about what imagery and elements you’d like your baby to interact within their own space. What pictures would you have on the walls? Should you use wallpaper with a dynamic print?

Similarly, nursery decor is all about personalization, which can be tricky to do when you think about the fact that this room really isn’t going to be for you, but for your child. This space will ideally be adaptable and fluid, a space that can suit your child as they grow older and more assured in their own interests.

This means that most of your decor that’s not generally visible to your baby (like rugs and throws) should be simplistic, non-prescriptive, and preferably in solid, muted colors.

As for elements that your baby can interact with, it’s been said that exposing your baby to visual art can be a fantastic way to boost cognitive development, as well as independently build their spatial awareness.

This means that you should absolutely go out and buy some Van Gogh posters, or even stick some glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

Or both! Make the walls above your baby’s crib as interesting and changeable as possible, and your little bundle will be guaranteed to love their space.

Activities and accessories 

The substance of your nursery lies in the activities and accessories you’ve provided for your baby. This could mean shelves of children’s books, a chest filled with a vast array of toys, a collection of soothing music, and a drawer full of their own clothes.

It’s recommended that you keep the floor space of your nursery relatively clear so that your baby is guaranteed a safe amount of space to traverse when they start crawling.

Organizing your nursery into different ‘zones’ can also be beneficial when it comes to instilling healthy living habits, like cleanliness and orderliness.

You should also establish a daily routine of reading and playing so that your baby feels encouraged to interact with the resources you’ve provided for them as they grow older and gain independence.

You’ll soon find that inspiring play and imaginative or creative thinking, will greatly benefit your child’s emotional health and wellbeing, by boosting their self-esteem, and allowing them to understand what they enjoy, and why, amongst other things.

Parenting will come with a lot of firsts, and decorating your first nursery is just the beginning.

You might consider it to be your first experience with nesting, but it’s not just this. It’s also your baby’s first room if you think about it! And if you’ve followed this guide, chances are you’ll have created a space that’s so warm and peaceful that any child should have blissful dreams.

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