Pesky Pests – How To Prevent A Home Infestation

For some homes, unfortunately, infestations are inevitable. Whether you’re on top of pest control or you’re new to the game, there’s no way to guarantee that the pests will stay away.

Despite this, there are many ways that you can reduce the likelihood of a home infestation, including hiring a company like Power Pest Control. But you may also need to understand how home infestations occur and what it is in your home that attracts pests.

Detailed below are some simple changes you can make at home that will help to reduce the likelihood of an infestation.


There’s no doubt about it, humidity attracts a variety of pests.

They love nothing more than dark, moist, quiet places and need lots of water to survive. Humid environments are likely to  cause condensation on the windows which the bugs also love, this along with mold spores caused by humidity keep the critters coming back for more.

House flies particularly like moist conditions and will lay their eggs on windows with ample condensation so make sure you wipe them down regularly. Humidity can be rectified by investing in a dehumidifier and patching up any leaks or drips in your home.

Ultimately, when there’s no water for the pests inside they’ll be forced to look elsewhere.


There’s usually one of three reasons that pests will enter our homes; food, water or shelter.

By removing these inviting elements there’s a strong chance you can keep the critters away.

Crumbs are an ideal food source for bugs so wiping down the counters and sweeping the floor after preparing food will help eliminate the appeal.

Investing in plastic containers to store leftover food, washing the dishes as soon as you’ve eaten are also effective methods of keeping the pests away.

These relatively small household chores will help you keep out the bugs, especially if your house is prone to infestations.


Decluttering the house is something most people wouldn’t associate with pest control but clutter provides bugs with a perfect hiding place from humans and an ideal nesting spot.

Insects instinctively hide their offspring to maximize their chance of survival and your clutter is just the place for them to do this.

Preventing this cycle from happening is the most effective way to keep the critters at bay.

Moving boxes and throwing away anything you don’t need will help with this both inside the house and in your garden – if you have bugs hanging around outside they’re more likely to try and come in.

Empty Bins

One of the main causes of pest infestations is as a consequence of having waste material on your property, as it’s a very common lure to vermin and other pests.

Because of this, you should always make sure that your bins get emptied regularly to prevent the build-up of waste on your property.

Although it’s likely your bins get emptied by the council regularly anyway, try not to overfill them or forget to take your bin out otherwise you’ll have a couple of weeks worth of rubbish sat on your property that could attract pests.


By following these simple tips you will be able to help prevent home invasions meaning you’ll be able to sit back, relax and know that you’re not sharing your dream home with lots of unwanted visitors.

In the event that you find any evidence of pests, such as rat droppings or deceased insects, you should always contact a professional pest control company rather than attempting to handle the situation yourself.

However, you may not need to ever contact a pest control company if you ensure to take preventative measures to reduce the chance of a home infestation.


Jeff Campbell

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