4 Products In Your Home That Are Ruining The Environment (And You Didn’t Even Know It)

Change is important. Change makes us better.

It’s an integral part of the natural world. What is evolution if not a state of constant change. As the world around them changes, most creatures adapt to the changes in order to maintain a sense of equilibrium with their environment.

But we human beings?

We fear change. Especially when it inconveniences us. But change is coming whether we like it or not.

As Stephen Hawking himself once said, we have around 100 years to change our habits before we render our planet uninhabitable. But while this prognostication may be scary, let’s not forget that change is usually a good thing.

It allows us to drop bad habits and create better ones. It allows us to get in shape after years of bad eating habits. It enables us to become better people and more responsible parents.

When we look around the home, we don’t need to make big changes to make a difference; to make our homes greener and more sustainable, we just need to change a few bad habits and ditch a few of the products that are slowly ruining the planet in ways we didn’t even know about…

Your cleaning products

All parents understand the value of keeping our home clean, tidy and well maintained. It’s a big part of how we keep a safe and hygienic environment for our kids.

But that big bucket of harsh chemical cleaners under your sink is not only unnecessary, they can release unstable organic compounds into your local water supply when they are rinsed down the sink or flushed down the toilet.

The good news is that there are alternative products out there which are easy to come by and far less environmentally damaging. Just check out this site.

Not only are their products made from environmentally sound natural products they’re made domestically with renewable solar energy. It doesn’t take a big change to make a big difference. Simply substituting your existing dishwasher gel or powder with something a little kinder the the planet. You’ll find that their natural dishwasher cleaner can make your home a whole lot greener.

And, needless, to say, you’ll still get immaculately clean dishes, the natural way.

Your toothbrush

When products become trash, they go in the garbage.

When that happens they’re collected, loaded onto a rocket and fired directly into the sun… At least that’s what many of us assume. But the truth is that every piece of landfill waste you’ve ever created is still out there somewhere, probably leaching harmful chemicals into our oceans. Here’s a scary thought… Every plastic toothbrush you’ve ever used in your life is still floating around out there, somewhere.

Simply switching to a bamboo toothbrush can make a world of difference.

Coffee pod machines

We are a nation fueled by coffee, and nobody in their right mind would dream of depriving you of your daily cup of Joe.

But if you have a machine that uses non recyclable single use pods, you’re contributing more and more to landfill waste. Invest instead in a bean to cup coffee machine or simply only buy recyclable pods (and remember to recycle them).

You can also get a burr grinder and pick up an inexpensive coffee maker to keep things within budget.

Disposable wet wipes

Okay, if you’re a parent, the prospect of a world without wet wipes is understandably tough.

But many brands are non recyclable, non biodegradable and contain plastics. Moreover, even the ones marketed as flushable can do considerable damage to our sewer networks. They can clump together and create “fatbergs”, clumps of wet wipes fused with the fats from food waste. Ugh!

Wet wipes may offer convenience but a wet washcloth is still the best way to go for a sustainable future.

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Jeff Campbell

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