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10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Authentic Athletic Apparel

Middle Class Dad yogic breathing benefits man practicing yoga in a black and yellow outfit on the beach

Today, online marketing and sales can take a business from small to hugely successful. People today are proud to wear athletic apparel that supports their team, especially when it is comfortable to wear. Some athletic wear companies even support non-profit groups to help aspiring athletes. There are key marketing strategies in promoting authentic athletic apparel.  


1. Look for non-profit groups that help aspiring athletes. People are always looking for a cause to support, and this can even be through getting athletic apparel from

2. Choose the right influencer. People look up to athletes. Research shows that influencers with small followings can have higher engagement rates. Choosing a celebrity can sometimes take the attention off of the product being promoted. Look for someone who can create a lasting and close relationship with the audience.  

3. Make the product an experience. Make the brand come to life. An influencer should help build a positive experience around the brand.

4. Build a logo. It’s important to decide what the brand represents and stick with it through all of the products. Even the logo can communicate values, theme, and identity.

5. Photo Shooting. Being professional is paramount to a company’s success. Don’t take pictures with a smartphone to put on the internet. Hire a professional company that will make sure that from the home page to the products page there are beautiful, professional pictures of products. High-resolution images are critical. There will need to be stock shots of apparel, as well as beautiful PR photos of clothing.


6. Copywriting. Effective copywriting can help boost the products online. Hire a freelance copywriter to help voice the identity and brand of the product on every page of the website.

7. Social Media. Organic social media is important. More people rely on social media for news, recommendations, and product reviews than anywhere else. Posting daily on a Facebook or Instagram account will inform people, but it won’t lead to sales. User-generated content (UGC) has proven to be effective. This is where users take photos of them with the product and then post them on the official page.

8. Paid Social Advertising. Use sites such as YouTube or Instagram to reach outside the usual circle of followers. This can be costly but has shown to be an effective way to bring in new customers.  

9. Choose the right pricing. Many new companies want to appeal to customers by being affordable in their pricing. But be careful, because pricing items too low may make them appear low-quality and not worth investing in. Look at the price that competitors are using, and price items similarly. Higher prices don’t necessarily mean fewer sales. 

10. Maximize the website. A website is needed to show off and promote the product. Make sure that the website is optimized for customers and the search engines. Look at competitor websites. What are the buzz words they are using? Check out the content on their site. This can be done yourself, or you can hire a search engine optimization company to make things easier. 

Everyone loves a good, comfortable sweatshirt. They also love to support aspiring new athletes and non-profit organizations. All of these strategies can be combined to make an athletic apparel business extremely successful.  

Jeff Campbell