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6 Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Landscaping Business

One of the flourishing business opportunities that attract many new entrepreneurs every year is landscaping. According to a press release from MarketWatch, the landscaping and gardening services market is poised to grow by $79.01 billion during 2021-2025 with a compound annual growth rate of six percent.

If you want to benefit from this flourishing industry, you’ll want to start a landscaping company of your own. Launching a business, however, is just the start. You have to win prospective clients, and then convert them into your customers. This requires a solid and clear marketing strategy.

Keep these marketing ideas in mind to help you promote your local landscaping business to your community:

1. Create a Niche

A niche will set you apart from the competition. A few examples of landscaping niches are the following:

  • Using state-of-the-art tools or equipment for your lawn snow removal solutions
  • Providing the convenience of working early and fast, so ongoing landscaping maintenance doesn’t disrupt or annoy commercial tenants during standard business hours
  • Highlighting the use of pesticide-free and organic sprays to keep lawn grass healthy and critters away from your residential or commercial property

Once you have successfully identified your niche, come up with a slogan that showcases your unique selling points in a few words. Then, plan to include that on all of your business materials, including invoices, marketing collaterals, employee uniforms and project and truck signage.

2. Target Your Ideal Customers

Reaching a wide spectrum of customers would be difficult, if not impossible, for small businesses and novice entrepreneurs. If you’re just starting, focus on a small section of your customers.

You can accomplish this by figuring out your ideal customer for your landscaping business.

You can find out who’s more likely to sign up for your services by researching your local market. This strategy will allow you to determine which area of the sector has fewer competitors. This will also help you decide on which special services you’ll create for your niche market. Once you’ve determined your specific set of clients, target that in your marketing campaign.

3. Promote Your Business Before the Busy Season

The peak season for landscaping businesses usually begins in spring and continues until autumn. Your business, however, should not wait for the start of the next season.

If you do, you’ll lag behind other companies who may have already launched their marketing campaigns in preparation of the new season. This means that the landscaping contracts will go to them, not you.

If you want to outdo your competitors at their marketing game, do your best to reach out to prospective customers first. Also, get in touch with them more often.

You could reach out to them by sending e-mails or using advertisements. When they see your ads or e-mails regularly, many of them may inquire or sign up for your landscaping services.

Another low-cost and perfect method for your landscaping business is using yard signs since they help you deliver your promotional offer and attract new local customers.

And don’t forget that landscapers can still stay busy in winter months with things like seasonal decorations, covering outdoor plants for freezes, or bulk salt for snow removal.

4. Market Your Business with Direct Mail

Introduce your business to potential customers by coming up with a carefully crafted letter explaining your niche in offering landscaping solutions.

Add your website to the letter and make sure that you update the “About Us” page of your website. This way, readers can check out your website to find out more about the maintenance and beautification projects that you take on.

Next, follow up by reaching out to each customer within a week or two after sending the letter. You could ask customers for upcoming projects on which you can bid.

Remember to stay in touch with customers by calling or e-mailing them every few months. You can mention special services you offer during slow times, such as snow removal and outdoor holiday lighting and decorating.

5. Put Your Landscaping Business on Listings

Make sure that your landscaping company is present on well-known listing websites.

Prospective customers usually visit these sites to search for solutions that are appropriate for their needs. Having your business listed on these websites will boost your chances of getting customers for your landscaping business.

6. Showcase Your Expertise

Showcase your knowledge about lawn care, tree maintenance, and other aspects of landscaping by teaching others about tips and best practices in your industry. Your website can become the perfect platform to demonstrate your expertise. Click here to take a look at a stellar example of a website that provides valuable knowledge and inspires trust in potential customers.

Consider volunteering to give presentations for community organizations, such as local garden clubs. A few of the topics you can cover include taking care of grass, caring for walk-behind mowers and installing an irrigation system.

By sharing your expertise with the community, you elevate your professionalism as a landscaping business. When prospective customers in your local area need help with lawn care, yard maintenance and other matters related to landscaping, they’ll remember you and your company.

Promote your landscaping company to prospective customers. Apply these marketing ideas to attract new customers and improve brand awareness for your business.

Jeff Campbell