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5 Remarkable Property Developers in Cyprus

When it comes to buying a property for sale in Paphos, you have to choose a reputable developer. With so many companies in the country, you might not know about how to find the best one.

Hence, we did a compilation of the top five developers in Cyprus. From Pafilia to Quality Group, we have gathered every company that has a positive reputation in the Republic of Cyprus.

While looking for a property for sale in Paphos, these companies should be your first choice. They have a positive name and offer you benefits in the long run. Let’s begin with Pafilia.


With an over 3 billion Euro property portfolio, the company has built about 1,25m square meters. The company is aiming for 300 million Euros worth of construction in the next three years.

In 1977, Mr. Elias Eliades and his family founded the company. Since its origin, the company has made record-breaking progress in the real estate sector. Pafilia has received 39 international awards for its excellence.

Credit goes to Pafilia for changing the market in Cyprus. They have changed the international status of the country through innovation and brilliance.

Citizenship Programs

When it comes to Cyprus citizenship programs, the company is the market leader. The company understands your requirements and offers excellent solutions to immigration.

The best thing about Pafilia is that they stay in contact after completing the sale. If you have any trouble or concerns about your property, they will handle it.

Minthis and ONE are the most important developments of Cyprus. Pafilia handles both of them. The company is the best choice when it comes to making an investment in Cyprus.

If you are looking to buy a property for sale in Paphos, Cyprus, Pafilia is the way to go. Visit the company’s website and find a property that meets your requirements.

Leptos Estates

With a history of over 60 years, Leptos Estates is popular in the Republic of Cyprus. The company has an international network of services in 75 countries.

Due to its effective service, people trust the developer more than other companies. Hence, it is popular in the country.

When it comes to land purchasing, Leptos Estates makes enormous investments. Especially when it comes to providing quality services. From residential to holiday residences, you can get everything from this developer.

Leptos Estates has completed more than 325 home development projects. As a result, more than 25,000 people have purchased their homes from the company and feel good about it.

The Sky’s the Limit

With extensive land banks at prime locations, the company is planning to expand. From luxurious beachfront villas to rural properties, Leptos Estates has invested in everything.

The company stands as the top importer of foreign income in Cyprus. Due to excellent development projects, the company has won many prestigious awards.

Leptos Estates is one of the few companies in Paphos to have a First Class License for any kind of project. The company has the largest group of engineers and interior designers in Cyprus.

Moreover, they are providing better designs and constructions. Hence, if you want to get a property for sale in Paphos, Leptos Estates is a good choice.


Cybarco is a luxury developer in Cyprus. The corporation is responsible for many important developments. Some of the developments are:

  • The Oval
  • Sea Gallery Villas
  • Limassol Marina
  • Akamas Bay Villas
  • Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort

Furthermore, the company is behind the development of the incredible Trilogy Limassol Seafront. 

Founded in 1945, Cybarco is part of the Lanitis Group. Hence, the company has become one of the major developers of Cyprus.

When it comes to buying a luxury property, people look at Cybarco before going to another developer. Thankfully, they offer property for sale in Paphos as well.

Quality Group

Established in 2001, Quality Group is a respected property developer in Cyprus. The company has won the hearts of Cypriots with extraordinary service. As a result, people trust their projects and are willing to invest without any second thought.

When it comes to the company’s portfolio, they have developed:

  • Contemporary houses
  • Luxury villas
  • Spacious apartments

The company has acquired lands at prime locations for future developments. They have invested in Larnaca, Limassol districts, Nicosia, and Paphos. So, you can expect huge developments in the near future. 

Unlike other developers, the Quality Group offers a complete package to their clients. From finance management to property law, they have dedicated staff for everything. 

Once you contact the developer, you don’t need to visit anyone else to complete the purchase.

Askanis Developers

Askanis Group of Companies was established in 1989 by British civil engineer Antonis Askanis. The company develops premium properties on the beach in Limassol of Cyprus.

The company is known for the restoration, construction, and expansion of real estate. Askanis Developers has worked on,

  • Commercial buildings
  • Public projects
  • 5-star hotels

If you are looking for luxury villas, apartments, houses, or maisonettes, the company has got you covered. 

Askanis Developers are not offering properties for sale in Paphos. However, you can go with Pafilia to get the property for sale in Paphos.

Conclusion On Property for Sale in Paphos Developers

Due to its fame, many developers are working in the Republic of Cyprus. Those companies are a few of the oldest and most reputed companies.

Above all, they operate in current projects. As a result, they know Cyprus real estate better than others.

If you want to invest in Cyprus or buy property, look no further than these sellers. Among these companies, Pafilia is the most reputed and well-known company.

Why should you buy from these developers? The answer is simple; to secure your investment.

These developers have an excellent reputation and people trust their projects. You will find it easy to sell your property. Even if you are planning to live on the property, you will be living with all essentials.


Jeff Campbell