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Protecting Your Priceless Valuables In A Risky World

Protecting your valuables has never been more important; a recent FBI report posits that “victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.4 billion of property losses in 2017.” In a world where one in ten people will fall victim to phone theft, you should take as many precautions as possible to secure your valuables. Whether you’d like to protect priceless family heirlooms that have been in your family for generations or the brand-new engagement ring you just bought for your fiance, taking steps to secure the items most valuable to you is always worth the time and financial investment. 

By creating secure locations for your valuables and purchasing insurance for high-value items, you can protect your valuables from theft and damage. While this guide will provide helpful tips, you’re the only one who can turn them into actionable steps. Create a step-by-step plan to secure your valuables; the first step is exploring your security options.

Creating A Dedicated, Secure Location

Where are you currently storing your valuables? A banking box in the attic or the drawer of your bedside table aren’t excellent choices. Consider purchasing a safe for storing your valuables. But, a safe isn’t a quick fix for securing your valuables; you’ll need to make sure that a safe that’s small enough for a burglar to lift is secured appropriately to the wall or floor. 

In the world of safes, size matters. Not only will a larger safe allow more space for securing valuables and documents, but it will prevent burglars from simply walking out of your home with it while you’re at work. A 300-pound safe secured to the floor and the wall correctly isn’t going anywhere.  

Purchase Insurance For Your Valuables

Insuring valuables is not a new concept; for instance, insuring engagement rings is something more and more people choose to do. While insurance can’t replace an item’s sentimental value, it provides peace of mind that you could be compensated enough to consider purchasing a replacement. Nevertheless, purchasing insurance for a valuable piece of jewelry is one of the smartest steps one can take.

Most people insure their cars, their homes, and even themselves. Shouldn’t your heirlooms, jewelry, and art get the same treatment? So, while securing your valuables in a safe location provides peace of mind, insurance provides an additional layer of security. 

Protecting Your Values Is A Sound Investment

Purchasing a safe and insurance for your valuables may sound like overkill. But, after a devastating theft event, no one has ever said, “I’m glad I wasn’t insured.” Preventing your valuables from being stolen or damaged should be a top priority, and prevention is simple. 

Creating a dedicated storage area for your valuables and adding a safe to your home or office is an excellent way to bolster your security. It offers significantly more protection than a desk drawer, a banking box, or a storage bin, and a well-secured safe is almost impossible for burglars to move. Purchasing insurance for your valuables is also highly recommended. If your car is worthy of insurance, aren’t your fine art and jewelry worthy too? Protecting your valuables is an investment that you won’t regret.

Jeff Campbell